Monday, October 17, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Korang td tengok Buletin Utama tak?

Kalau blom tengok nanti tggu keluar kat TonTon ok?

It's so sad and sickening to see a 2 year-old child being run over by 2 vehicle. you see. i cry silently inside of myself. There were those who pass by her while she was laying there on the road. She was ran over by 2 vehicles tau. i mean she's 2 years old. what can you expect. an aunty saw her and move her to the side of the road. though she didn't bring her to the hospital at least we can see that she still have the humane in her telling her that please move the girl away or at least i think about it like that. Finally there's a lady brought the girl to a hospital.

How can you just stare at the girl. It must crossed your mind somehow about it isn't it?
I just can't believe what i've seen on the tv. It's sickening!

Cube kalau kat Malaysia jadi mcm tuh? ape perasaan korang?

Now, the image of the girl stuck in my head. all i can do is pray for her to be safe and sound. *macam mana nk tdo mlm ni*

I think the video is on youtube so you guys ca go and search for it ok?

The Secret Life of Nowa :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
I went to Istana Budaya yesterday to catch another theatre. Thanks to Faey for introducing me to the competition; i supposed, we won the ticket to watch The Secret Life of Nora :)

Credit to : StageKL

I always love theatre. As we all know theatre tickets are very EXPENSIVE! :| so at times it do limits my times of watching theatre. I don't really mind if i have to watch at the last row of the hall as long as i can watch the play.

Enough of my frets! Yesterday we went there with our Ethos! friends. They organise this event called Ethos! Thespian Art if am not mistaken. To put in a simpler word, they did this to enable us to go and watch more theatre! yeay!

Okay. You got me. I get distracted easily. haha~ :D

Set in the 1960's, The Secret Life of Nora is a bilingual comedy play about Nora, a 'primadona' of her time. Singing, Acting and Dancing is her food of life. One day, her dream do come true when she was called to a casting and she got the role! It turns out to be something she'll never expect! 

That's the anecdote that i can give you, if you wanna know the whole story go and watch Nora! They even offer extra show, from 21st to 23rd of October due to popular demand! If you can't make it, do remind me. Once the show is over, do remind me to tell the whole story about Nora.

Enough about Nora~

This is what fikri and i wear yesterday :)
it's kinda last minute. i just wear whatever i have in mind. Don't really care. haha. Lps tuh rase mcm insecure! :D

What I Wore That Day 
A pashmina mom bought somewhere over the rainbow
3 year old top
pre-love jacket
The skirt that has been with me since 2007 or later
Kasut Raya! credit to AYAH n UMI!

It's like an old ensemble :D
i never tried this combination but i think it's workable for me. I still have a lot to learn and buy! hahahaha~

So let's take a peek at the Nora staging XD
A whole load of picture just for you

 At the Lobby 

Our photoshoot set! so called lah kan?

 @agentDYA and the boys!

 ok. the boys lagi! maybe ni bole jadi Shawif or Roger or TonyEusoff's character. i forgot his name! :)

 Intermission Screen XD

 The winners! hahahahahaa~

I got this from the Nora's merchandise booth! so happy!

So that's my day. how bout urs? :D

what will happen if ...

written by the Queen, iera marhe
if tomorrow never come. what will you do?

currently i'm listening to this song. such a classic. cube tanye budak2 skang ni tau tak lagu ni? saya batch the 90's of course tau lagu ni. hik3. so, while listening to this song, i'm thinking to myself what will happen if tomorrow never come? at the end of the song he said that..
'tell that someone that you love what you're thinking of if tomorrow never come.'
truth to be told i really don't know what to do since i never know whether its coming or not. hahaha~ cliché? yes. that is why the elderly would say that please do stack up your ibadat as long as you can. now i feel that this writing is going to be somehow related to our religion. i'm not the right person to write this. you can seek to the rightful person. :)

so the song ended and now daniel beddingfield is singing 'If You're Not the One' in my ear directly to my brain. i really love his voice and i do love his sister as well. Natasha Beddingfield. yes the one who sing the song in the shampoo commercial tuh :) both of them have beautiful voice~ *drool*

Now! Imran Ajmain is singing! This song is quite old. it's called 'Sudah Tu Sudah'. this song is very catchy! i love this song to bits kot! somehow i feel that they have a message that is not-so-subtle :)
i can't comment on anything else! The next song on my playlist is also Imran Ajmain's Seribu Tahun! *drool*
Somehow i feel that these 2 of Imran Ajmain's song can be turned into a ballad you know. The language is beautiful. Very THE tau! :D

ok. the reason behind this post is actually i'm waiting for the download to finished. the pack contain my responsibility for me to finish it up :D

thanks for reading people! [random]

the power of WORD

Sunday, October 2, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
heyya people.

so the other day in Mdm. Roslind's class, we learnt how powerful words is. The power of diction. some may think that what the hell! it's just a word. Yes. to you it may be a word but not to others especially when you don't really know them.

Well, someone may say show the power of words to me then i'll believe you!

  • (taken from mdm. roslind, again) How do Hitler rise up to where he was back then. With the power of words he did it! He rule the nation. Implement the notion in the citizen mind and they believe him eventhough when you really think about it it's absurd. well, here's the link you can read it up though it's wikipedia; not accountable but works kan? Click HERE :) 

  • with only words, you can motivate a person. move a person from a down state to high above especially when you are being look upon and sought to all the time. Example you say? Well, imagine this one person whom you like with all your life didn't even lay an eye on you then one day suddenly she/he say 'I Like You'. You may be flying literally to the outer space. Even Cloud 9 can't contain your happiness. Isn't it? Want more example?

  • The MAJOR example is our own beloved country, Malaysia. I know we do fight for our freedom. There were war and bloods spilt. Sad but true. There's always a silver lining. Remember that. We also won our independence with word. Our former father went there. talk and negotiate and came back with our independence. I think with 3 examples you get the picture right?

so you see how powerful diction is? bear in mind that words are dangerous. as dangerous as a knife, a sword, a gun, an atomic bomb, even an asteroid or all of them combine! with words you can bring people up, bring em down, make em happy, make em laugh, make em cry, make them feel motivated and even demotivate people.

before the class the other day, i was aware of the power of words but not as much as this.

they also say that experience is the best teacher. so to @pointblankshot and @babyjanejuliet i'm sorry for barging into your conversation. i have no reason to offer :) yes. freedom of speech kan? XD

moral of the story tonight.. don't barge in to people's conversation. kan org tua2 da pesan nk menyampok bagi salam dulu. my bad. at times we do tend to forget things :D

p/s : madam roslind is my lecturer for the Contemporary Literature. so that's why in this post it's all related to her since she's the one who said it.

Suarakami 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
YES! :D 

I was at Suarakami 2011 last night. it was a blast ok?! :D
There were many awesome performance and the crowd are all awesome~~ 
if you are one of the crowd than this shout out goes for you --- 


ok.. so the astro people serve us, the crowd with a line up that can be die for! :D
we have Hujan (and the best thing while they were performing it's raining! literally! throughout the concert pulak tu!), the KPOP talent thingy and Soul Krazy, the chinese dude and indian guy with SUPER hot indian Lady, YUNAAAAA~, Faizal Tahir, STACY!, rania, anddddddddddddddddddddddddddd NELLY! XD

befooooooooooooore that! the carnival is awesome! as well as the lineup for the mini stage. i arrived a bit later of the evening and me and my friend were able to catch Liyana Fizi live on stage and we also watch TILU :) the TILU frontgirl is very the cute~  the fashion Bazaar was awesome as well.. Unfortunately i didn't bring any money cz i already foreseen this situation is happening. Met Jezmine Zaidan and Farah Mislina. Unfortunately (again!) i didn't take any pictures because i was busy storming through stuff! :)) 

I tried rock climbing but i can just up 25% je! EMBARRASSING okeyh!!! X(
but at least i tried! :D

Thanks Astro for bringing Suarakami :) Eventhough it's not really our voice but hey we had fun :)

more than 100 days since i met u :)

Monday, August 29, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
you see in my life there are many important person that i hang on to :)

well the first n foremost would be my parents and my siblings kan? of course :D

next i have my ever lovely mr. love. no further explanation needed. the love of my life and most of my everything :D

friends! :D the treasures that i have :D

yes. since i've been very busy hustling in the city of Shah Alam (achewah!) it's been more 100 hundred days. believe it? i miss going out with my friends..well, just now we just go out and have our annual break-fasting session. yes we do have that. i miss being out with my girl friends! :D


 love-birds for the day :)

 i know i'm some kind of interfering but who cares! bahahahahah! :D

just now we have aza,aleen,pura,zraa,mixi,ajim,alem,ayep,apex and dolaa :)
sometimes i do pity the restaurant owner because we do make such noise but we are preventing the restaurant from being so quiet!

after we've finished the eating part of the day, most of us when our own ways. me,aza and aleen went to jonker street or jonker walk (which ever you prefer exactly). aleen wanna find a pair of flippyflop! :D

we did found the slipper. however we did some execessive shopping where me and aleen bought a pair of necklace on our own :)
this is mine..

then we went into this small and tiny shop. the shop was so awesome! i like being in the shop. for real and seriously! aleen bought a ring and i did not buy anything :D

i can't reveal the last thing that we bought for the day because i want to be surprise! for him of course. once i told him about the surprise for sure i will update you guys on it, ok?

i promise!

so this is how i wore my pashmina for today. it's a very big and wide pashmina.. mom bought it in yamen! :D
somehow the colour fits my shirt really well

before i get going, i would like to wish you 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin
"I would like seek a little of forgiveness in your heart to forgive me for all the things that I've done that hurts you in every minuscule minute.I am very sorry for that mistake I've made. Wishing you the very best Eid in your life"

btw.i'm very excited for tomorrow. my niece and her parents will be home after iftar tomorrow! :D

early in the morninggggg~~

Friday, August 12, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
heya peeps! :D

actually i have lots to update you guys on but i just don't have the time.. i hope that when i'm home i do have the time to catch up with everything that i promised you with :D

so tomorrow i will be going back to me home! yezza people! :D
only god knows how excited i am to be going back home. HONESTLY! :)

i will start uploading videos n catching up with every stories that i left you guys out without any bad intention :D

need to sleep now.. update u guys tomorrow~~~ :D


Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
hey there:) as i browsing my tumblr just now, i found one challenge that for me seems so interesting!! VIDEO CHALLENGE!! all i have to do is record the challenge and post it here!  

1. Your full name and tumblr url.
2. What is in your bag ? 
3. Tour of your bedroom
4. Say five things that begin with the first letter of your name
5. Go to your refrigerator and pick out 5 things you like
6. Give your opinion on three topics of your choice
7. Dreams & Ambitions.
8. Make a video with a friend.
9.. Tell us three things you like about yourself and three thing you don’t
10. Tell us about your favourite band/artist.
11. Favourite drink, food, number, colour ? 
12. Favourite boys name & favourite girls name

ni laaa jadahnye jika da lame terpakse meninggalkan blog kesayangan! :D
amek kau,, berduyun2 post smalaman! :D

ape2 pon. i'll try to do this! :D me...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
ya rabbi! da berkulat da blog ni...

maafkan saya kerana for ignoring this little piece of myself. i've been busy with the other pieces! macam ni takkan tercapai lah impian nk jadi blogger sejati. maybe it's there ahead of me but i think it's still far ahead of time~


i think for most of you who read this little piece of heaven (ke?), knows that i like to enter contests..
it's a habit you know. maybe because i wasn't always as lucky as others that it encourages me to try anything that comes in my way.

i have been laying low... so low until i havent write anything! in here. pity my ouh sweet2 blog..~~~
i shud make way to update you guys on KEFAJAR's latest program; Program Momen Anak Angkat dan Sehati Fasilitator 'Menjana Transformasi Remaja' Siri II :)

loads to update you guys on :D

before i'm ending my note for tonite~~

please3.. like this page ----> TudungPeople
and then like this picture~~~ (

love me? vote me :D
ahahahah! ayat nk #retis je ;p

[review] Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon ; From the Queen's eyes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
since i so long gone from this blog so here it goes once again..

Last,the me and him went to Jusco Bukit Raja to but movie tix and we are kinda lucky and we got the tix. so we waited and waited. Finally we went in with high expectations. seriously!

so like normal, we do the review first ok?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Poster

we learn about the war and how an autobot escape cybertron with a technology he invented during the war. it's kinda long intro ok?!

started with a hot girl and the new life of Sam Witwicky and the hardships he went through after graduating. we also learn that the autobots are working with the government.then it appear that sam's parents are in town. Fast forward, sam got a job. then he found out that it's the recommendation of his girlfriend's boss [u can get the vibe that something bad is coming]

sam went to work and encounter a weird colleague. then he dies! fast forward. the autobots met with the decepticon and many things were reveal. Wanna know what happen? go n watch :D


ok. now. transformers 3 from my own view! :D {SPOILER ALERT}

in no particular order...

  1. Super cool cars. so i may die watching it!
  2. how can the girl running around in super high heels during a war! i can't even survive for 3 minutes. gawd! i need to practise. she even look hot during the war. like whaaat?!
  3. friendship never end! ouhhh~
  4. the bad guy (the BOSS! Patrick Dempsey. whadya expect!and Shockwave too) always look awesome except for decepticon and sentinel prime.mybe they are already old.positive thinking!
  6. how can the Megatron being able to succumb to provocation by a small and beautiful human? blergh! i'm wondering how can you invade a world when you can control your mind? :D
that's wat i can think about right now. might add bits later on.hik3! :D

a lost love

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
ok. this etry should be written 2 weeks ago. i know i'm slob. seriously busy with all the things that i sign up too. i asked for it. i got it. ;p

so lets rewind back to 2 weeks ago.....

after attending a seminar or better yet a program with the collaboration Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and Ministry of Youth and Sport (KBS) me, bby, ein and bee went to Sunway Pyramid because Fikri wants to get me my birthday present ('s my birthday!) and in one incident i LOST MY PRECIOUS PHONE! :|

yes people..i lost my phone...
my life line...
my contacts...
my plans...
my uberly precious gift from mama and papa :(

(Now in the present)..

It's been 2 days... i've been using Huawei's Ideos X5! :)
With Android 2.2 and a lotta FUN! :)

hahahaha~ to some may say that :
'what kinda phone is that? Huawei? Never heard of it.. haah!'
'hish! ape lah.. belilah bende yg bebaloi siket!'
hm.basically this is why i'm buying this phone of mine.I really wanna buy the new Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman phone but when i arrived at the shop i saw MOTORola's Flipout. I went nuts for it but same... when i had the demo i feel like i want more.

Because of my greed and the feeling of not want to spend any more money that my parents earned i settle for something more in specification but less in name. The feeling is different you know. Who wants to be left out of the super fast cyber and technology changes rapidly and we want to be on the go. That is why i made this decision. yes. i can go and buy the cute MOTOrola Flipout but will i have the more or less the same experience like using Samsung Galaxy XL (i know the feeling because my boyfriend is using one ;p) Don't get me wrong because Galaxy XL is way more pricier than my Ideos X5 that's why i say that i can settled for less in name but more in specification.

so yes. that is it... ouh wait... this is the phone!

Huawei Launches the Next Generation Huawei IDEOS X5 Smartphone for Busy Professionals Huawei Launches the Next Generation Huawei IDEOS X5 Smartphone for Busy Professionals
thank you HotCellular for the picture. you can read about it here!

Day 6- Vacation [LoveHFW]

Saturday, June 4, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Travel Shirt (my mom bought somewhere over the rainbow)
Plain Cardi
Denim Skirt

So.... let's continue with the flow of Hijab Fashion Week. Please mind and ignore the cheeky face.

Why I opt for this outfit?
I like denim. FullStop!

Anything that bothers you drop it in my cmment box and i will respond to you :)
Heart everyone~

Day 5- Jummah [LoveHFW]

Friday, June 3, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Denim Skirt

So.... let's continue with the flow of Hijab Fashion Week. Please mind and ignore the cheeky face.

Why I opt for this outfit?
I know for some may say that it's not appropriate to wear denim to go to the mosque and stuff. But I am a person who most comfortable with denim :)
I like denim. FullStop!

Anything that bothers you drop it in my cmment box and i will respond to you :)
Heart everyone~

Day 4- Date Night [LoveHFW]

Thursday, June 2, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Thrifted DKNY Maxi Dress
Preloved Cropped Jacket by Aishah Amin

So.... let's continue with the flow of Hijab Fashion Week. Please mind and ignore the cheeky face.

Why I opt for this outfit?
Because it's flowy but i have it checked with the cropped jacket :)
pair it with a heels then you are good to go :)

Anything that bothers you drop it in my cmment box and i will respond to you :)
Heart everyone~

Day 3 - Sports Wear

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Capster Basic
Old T-Shirt
Cotton Pants
Sport Shoes~

so. we arrived at day3 of Hijabi Fashion Week...
I try to be as simple as possible...
I incorporate Capster to the look and add a shawl to make it look not so plain :)

if you have anything that bothers you... feel free to ask :)

Day 2- Formal Wear [LoveHFW]

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Thrifted Basic Maxi Black Dress
OldBlossomBox Top
Black Chiffon Scarf (Snood)
Balenciaga Imitation Bag

This is Day 2 of Hijab Fashion Week...
Once again.. I opt for something that is stylish in my eye and an ensemble that is not very expensive :)

This is what i will wear for formal event such as dinner and functions at night.
Feel free to ask anything :)

Capsters (HFW)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Actually i was going to do a video on this but alas i failed. so i think i might try vlogging on the other day.

Today, i'm gonna talk about Capsters.

As usual...

What is Capsters?
Capsters is a head gear that is being produced to aid muslimahs to cover their aurat when they are doing or practising sports. This is because as a girl how messy it would be with your usual hijab on especially for those who is wearing shawls. Thus, with this invention it is easier for muslimahs to cover the aurat. When worn, it will not reveal the shape of your neck that is why i strongly agree that it covers the aurat.

Look at my face so BULAT and me feel me look weird. but when the headgear is super easy to wear and i was like BRING IT ON SISTERS!

That is CAPSTERS by the way :)

Why Capsters?
As I said, it is easier eventhough i look weird in it. Yes. I would wear it to the gym! It made life so easy~ enough say i guess~

When to use Capsters?
Like i mentioned above, during sporting events, training, and many others. Don't worry if you are involved water sports because Capsters also provide headgear specific for these kinda sport.

Who can use Capsters?
Anyone regardless of the shape of your face. This is because the headgear (as i call it) is flexible. The headgear is attached with Velcro straps on it so it will make it more comfortable as well :)

How to use it?
Just slide on and put it on your head. Strap it on and ready to go :)

More information can be found on Capsters website.... CLICK HERE!
if you have any questions, please leave me comments on this post and i will try to answer your question to my very understanding.

Truth to be told I'm not a sporty girl. Never. But I like Capsters because it's super comfy and i just love it!

since i'm not a sporty person so i decided to wear it as a neck covered inner. I'm so bad! :p
this is improvisation. hahaha~

Till we meet again fellas...

Hijab Fashion Week (HFW)

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Many have asked me what is Hijab Fashion Week. First, do click HERE to read it hands-on.

1. What is HFW?
Hijab Fashion Week is an internet event held by Asma and Em. At first, the event was held on Em's blog. On this 30th May, the week will start and many lovely ladies will showcase their passion for fashion and uber-lovely ensemble for others to be inspired on.

2. When is HFW?
HFW will be held this 30th May up until the June 5th. Usually there would be 2 HFW in a year (if i'm not mistaken).

3. Who can take part in HFW?
Basically, any women who wants to showcase their fashion to other hijabis or non-hijabis. I say any women because me myself is not really fashionable at the moment because of some restraints but still at times we just have to believe in ourself! :)

4. Why HFW? Don't you have any better things to do?
Well, it's not i don't have other better things to do. i do have but when you are passionate for something you will do you very best to squeeze in the time to do. Don't bluff because i know you would anything to get your hands on your passion. Like most men, they like cars, in free time they will do something with the car and they relax with it. Like me, I like fashion eventhough i'm not really fashionable (i don't know how many times i've said this)

5. Who have joined HFW?
in the previous cycle of HFW, among the well-known participants are

ok. this is just a little bits of who have participated in HFW. there are lots of other well-known people and this cycle an unknown people (me. who else) will interfere as well :))

6. How to participate? 
Well, you just have to keep up with the updates from the site~
There many things you can see and learn from other hijabis around the world :)
Basically, during my application i was asked to send photos or Polyvore set to show you fashion sense. If you are lucky, the organizer will contact you for further instructions! :)

ok. that just a bit and all of the answer are by yours truly, ME! :)
So I joined this round of HFW~
I hope that everyone can have a visit and be inspired on the others~
so this is the poster!!
So if you may spread the word out and stay tune for the upcoming fashion week. I'm excited! :)

menanam anggur di dusun cik kiah :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
actually i don't know what to do. so i turn to writing. when i turn to writing, i don't know what to write.

i wanna do follow friday but it's already saturday. Going to work? no chance. SIGH~

What else should i do?

So let me tell you...

Back then when i was growing up, somewhat in 2003 the tabloid broke the news about unemployment. And now, i feel sick unemployed eventhough i haven't finished studying yet. I know when you score a job you would be a lazy ass to go to work right?

Seriously, I rather go to work than at home doing nothing. Yes, that is the best thing to do ever!!!
but don't you just got headaches when you stay and lying around the house?
To those who can't score a job, nevermind. maybe it's not their rezeki yet but to those who capable?
Find a job..

As i'm writing this, alhamdulillah my job application has been answered by Mylo+Athena. A web-shop (new term. ignore it!) Going to interview this Wednesday. Wish me luck and pray for me peeps!
I really need  job right now~ :)

OPKIM Terengganu is uber awesome~

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Alright. Before i went yaddi yaddi yadda~

I'm stressing that i'm not someone who used to live in kampung. Not to brag but i don't! Seriously~
I'm very afraid of the wood cracking and stuff. But i was given the opportunity to live in one for 5 days!

On the 11th of May, me and 17 others started our journey to kampung Kuala Kemaman, Terengganu. We set of at 12pm and arrived somewhat 630pm. There i met my foster mom! :D

When i arrived at the house, I was afraid as i have my stigma which is a bad thing for a teacher~
Back to the story, I was kinda afraid of the house basically but i have my gut and just go with it. turns out that wooden house is so cool and cold as well. I like a LOT! :D

My family consist of 5 members, Aboh (yes, i called him aboh!), Ma, Along and adik2 ku~
haha~ basically the family reflected my own family as well. We have the same sibling count and type. ;p

I lived in between Athir's and Jalek's  family house. While Khairun stay next to Jalek. All of us scattered around 3 village to be exact there are Kuala, Rumah Murah and Kg.Geliga.

Day 1: Arriving Early

erm. arrived at 630 to 7pm. Met my mom and the house. :)
From here, i knew that she's a Keropok Lekor maestro! :)
Have a meeting at night and settling everything for tomorrow's big day :)
Late at night it was raining heavily and i sleep heavenly! :D

Day 2 : The Arrival of Others

In the morning it rain heavily so we have to postponed everything that has been planned and carried it out in the evening.
I watched how exactly the Keropok was done. And later at night i tried to do it as well and i succeed!
We have to set everything up and god! aren't we tired~
Our friends arrived around 530 and we waited for the ADUN to come and make it official. The rest of my comrades are divided to their foster family and we had briefing for tomorrow's event.

Day 3 :  KENDURI! :D

i totally forgot what happen in the morning but we have a kenduri at night. somewhat in the evening, a bunch of us have a little cooking time and some others played futsal and tug-of-war with the villagers. We had fun during the night with karaoke and stuff. :)

Day 4 : Talk-Day

The morning started up with senam robik and the talk cae afterwards. both talk was awesome and the speaker is fun to listen to :)
At night, we have a forum and most of the villagers came and listen to it.
After the forum, the villagers did some favor for us and we have informal dinner together. it was an abrupt thing as most of us didn't know about it but it was fun though :)

Day 5 : going back home~ :|

It was sad~ but you kow how we go. we always find the happiness out of the blue~
Everything is sad from the beginning and stress is all the way. The closing ceremony is uber-ly sad~
I cried. Non the less :D

ok. if you wanna see the photo you can look at it here..
There's just so many....

Priest [Review]

written by the Queen, iera marhe
Hey Peeps!

Sorry for not updating in a few days!!! :)
Been in Kemaman for 5 days! :D
so serene~~
that will be featured on the next post.

Before i went to Terengganu the other day, i score the chance to watch a première of Priest!
so this time, i'm gonna do it a little bit different from the previous reviews that i did. :)
So, let's hit the synopsis first....


Before we are all here, there's a history between vampires and human race. We keep on fighting with each other as the years ad century goes by. One day, they found a way to defeat the vampires as the vampires are faster, stronger and  other traits that cannot allow any human to defeat them. The Church founded PRIEST. A league of men and women who have the ability to fight and slay the vampires and the Priest won consecutively. So, the Church build up a town with the highest wall for the human to live. Since the vampires are all defeated, they were put up in cells.

Priest, the main character always have a nightmare about an incident that cause him his friend. Then, we get to know that his niece were captured by a group of vampires. Cam Gigandet or Hicks came by and ask the Priest to help him. Later in the story we know that hicks is in love with the niece, Lucy. Priest consult the Higher Order and they won't allow him to go and save his niece. He go regardless of what they say. He stopped at his brother attacked house and Hicks meet Priest there. There, they started their journey. Then, the Higher Order called upon other Priest and Priestess to captured The Priest because he already broken his vows. Hicks and Priest arrived at a vampire nesting place and they met with the Priestess. Priestess told priest about things that she had been ordered to do. Together they fought slaying the vampires again. 

At a different town, other Priest are slayed by a vampire, Black Hat. Form the start of the movie, we get to know that Black Hat is the friend that Priest had lost before. Then all of the other Priest died when they are battling Black Hat who is now a human vampire, not a Familiar; person who are infected by the vampire. Priest, Priestess and Hicks arrived at the town and they were too late. They discovered a plan and figured out what the vampires wanna do. They execute the plan and later in the movie, we know that actually Lucy is Priest's daughter and that is why he is so determined to save her. 


alright. basically that's the whole story. From a point of view, it's a wicked action movie where all of the things and stunt that they did was awesome! The storyline is somehow packed and we get every major points of the movie. The actors and actresses acted it all well :)

As a muslim who watched the movie, somehow i don't recommend the movie because of Christianity is the main stem of the movie. I would really love the movie but the religious sentiment made me uneasy. I have no offence towards other religion but it just made me uneasy. All and all, the movei is great but if they made it more subtle then it would be better.

Malaysian Next Female Top Blogger 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Heya peeps! :)
So Life with Sandra is holding a contest in the name of 'Malaysian female Top Blogger'

soooo.... he asked...
1) Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less. 
 At first, the blog started in somewhat January 2011 but I imported my old bLog in here for some sake of memories. The blog is about my life and not so fashion-y world. i love fashion. who doesn't. Even is my blog is just a little dot on this uber-mega world i do still write about i love which is life and fashion! :)

2) What is your personal style?
My personal style is mix and match! I love to be all fashion-y but now since i'm still a student i don't have much time and 'dough' to splurge on. SO my outfit is just normal day-to-day outfit and don't have much makeup on. none on to be exact :)

3) A photo of you in one your favorite outfits: 

so this is my fave so far~~
am not very fashiony but i'm working on it :)4) Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
i am because i will always keep on upgrading myself with the fast paced world :)
i will always changed to be a better person~

5) I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because? 
I love to read 'Life With Sandra' because i  once dreamed about being a fashion designer but i gave it all up when i accept the fact that i don't know how to draw :( but when i read this blog, at least i can fulfill a partial part of my dream :)

new face, new look, new style, new name :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well, everything is quite new :)

New Name
'someone' told me that i should change the name of me blog. i asked him the reason why? he won't tell. but alas i obeyed and changed~

hope that it will bring me a new change and wave as well :)

New Banner
Since there's changes in the name of the blog i changed the banner as well.
i just with the simplest that i can do :)
erm. i like that it way because simple and easy to remember!

New Background
YES! i changed it from somewhat heavy black to somewhat lighter and funkier! :)

all in all.... i'm still the same Queen who is speaking in a sense of a human and a girl who loves fashion, music, movies, lifestyle, events and whatever~~ :)

p/s: i score the chance to watch the première of Priest from Nuffnang :) guess who starred in the movie~~~

yes... it Cam Gigandet~~ :))

Fast5! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so sorry for a late post. i was kinda hooked on this weekend thus i can't update the blog with this post straight away. i'm making it up to you :)

ok. so let's see Churp Churp gave a pair of ticket because of my creative tweet to them regarding the 'tweeting contest'.yes i gave the name. that's not the official name for it :))

ok. from the contest i won 2 ticket to the premiere of Fast5 at TGV KLCC :)
the premiere is a collaboration with P1 WiMAX as well :D
at first i asked my bby to come and teman me but he have to bailed on the last minute. luckily Arie can teman me! :D
thnx Arie! :D

we make our way to KLCC with KTM's Commuter :)
When we wanna hop in the Ladies Coach we met with Kina :)

Long story cut short....
We arrived at KLCC and we take a stroll around!!
we went in Isetan and we found MACAROOONS! :D

The white one is Black Sesame
The half-blue-half-purple is Chocolate Mint 
The chocolate is of course Chocolate
Lastly the blue one is Cheese! :D

ok. so basically i don't really like them except for chocolate mint and chocolate only :)

yadda yaddi yadda....

it's 8 o'clock and we que up and guess what we got....

yes! that's the TICKET! :D

at 9 we went in and there's a contest unfortunately i didn't win anything from P1 :)
the best thing is the movie :)

The next best thing P1 belanja all of us popcorn and a glass of drink! :D
thnx P1 :)

The movie is super duper awesome! i really really recommend to everyone!
Don't worry my chick side told me she enjoyed the movie! :D hahaha~


Source :

When the movie kicked off, we saw Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is being held captive and being sent to prison. In the audience we can see Mia (Jordana Brewster), Dom's sister and Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker). Mia is crying. In contrary to that, we see that they are breaking Dom free from prison.

Next, they already in Rio and they've met an old friend. They take on a job because of they are desperate on money. When they are on the job suddenly Dom appeared and things start to go haywire.
After a series of events they reeived a news saying that Mia is pregnant with Brian's child. Everyone is happy, soo happy :)

Then, they encountered Hobbs, an agent who full of hatred, anger and negative traits. He didn't care of anything as long as he finished his job and his job is to capture Dom and Brian.
With this on their tail they also planning a heist. The heist will produce cash. Will they succeed?
You have to watch! :D

(i wrote the review myself. you can copy if you want but tell me first tau?)