So MiFi, what's so special?

Friday, November 30, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
the other day when i bring the MiFi device to the faculty for another day as a student, most of the people are intrigued with the existence of this device. Small but powerful I tell you *mode Joyah ON* 

there are a lot of people who ask me 'How to register?' 'What's the plan?' etc..

Everybody who saw the modem definitely feel it's awesome to have one! Like seriously. Bazla said that I can keep it in the car and online all the way. Making it better when i can share the line with my buddies in the car~ :D

Basically, P1 plans are the same. They offer you something that you can still grasp at the end of the billing cycle. The MiFi modem is not an exception :)

The best way to register is to go to the P1 representative and you're good to go :) From my personal experience, dealing with P1 personnel is easy and they don't have too many hassle to begin with.

i guess that's it for now. i'll write again later~ toodles~ :D

Basically this infographic summarizes everything. :D
(taken from mrpiratz blog)

Confidence is key they said~

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Confidence is the main thing in life. Confidence brings us to places we can never imagine. The thing is that not everyone has it. Limitation is being set by yourself to yourself.  Seriously. I've been dealing with confidence with my whole life. Sometimes it's high on the rise and sometimes deeper than sea.

Being in love with fashion makes me feel comfortable (at times) with my own skin. Why I say at times? This is because not every outfit will cover you perfectly. Some makes you look fat, make you look too skinny, make you feel uneasy and many other feelings.

Sometimes, confidence brings me trouble. I've been hated for almost the rest of my schooling years for having a high confidence level. Since I used to be an ugly duckling living in a sea of swan, I do believe that no boys would like me, they only like the pretty ones. This is why during those days I've developed a face that people will call the Bongkak face.

On the surface, it seems that I don't really care and it seems like I own the ice heart. Deep down nobody knows how I feel really is. 

In life, I hold on to the words 'Those who knows you, knows you'. This keeps me going every single day without looking back. Because only those who knows you, know who you really are. This keeps my confidence high up whenever I feel down to the ground. Everybody can shake my confidence off me but I will build it back. 

The picture here doesn't really seem to relate but I like the words~ 
(image courtesy of pakcik google~)

Till then, fellas~


Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

I think i already dreaded about my coupon addiction somewhere in the blog. If i want to buy anything nowadays, i have to check all the groupon websites first before making my mind in buying. 

so the other day i was groupon-website-walking then i found this deal that i cannot resist! Tini's Spa is holding up a deal worth more than the paid price of RM55! :D

'1Pax (RM55) / 2Pax (RM96) 2 Hours Dermalogica Hydrating Facial + Full Body Swedish Massage + FREE Foot Soak + RM50 off on Any Treatment above RM100 On Next Visit, from RM48 per person'

see? :D 

i love this deal is because Tini's Spa is in Shah Alam thus i don't have to go all the way to Subang laa, Puchong laa, Petaling laa just to have a nice spa day and i will ruined my way back from the spa because of the jam road at the Federal Highway!

i wont do that!

go go go buy this deal! it's not easy a deal for places in Shah Alam to come by! HEYHO LETS GO! :D

head down to LivingSocial now! 

The first day with MyFi~ :D

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Hello everyone~ :D

I'm very sorry but i really mean to update yesterday but sadly I forgot! Am so sorry!

To make it up to you, I'm gonna share my day, i mean my whole day! with MyFi.. mcm MyVi pulaks~ :"D

Eventually, the name is MiFi but since I got it for my own use i would call it MyFi because it's my WiFi!

So this is my bag and guess what is in it? Ordinary stuff like books, car keys, house keys, purse, and other stuffs. Do you see an Egyptian pouch in my bag there? right under the car key? see? 

Yup! That is the pouch! Look below to see what's inside the pouch! :D

taaadaaaaaa~~ :D

How practical this can be? :D Having your own WiFi everywhere you go is a blessing! :D With the MX230, I can connect up to 8 devices on the go! How practical can that be.

Don't you worry about your MiFi line is being nabbed by other people who sucked dry free WiFi!

Based on the P1 website, those who should get MiFi is those who :

  • The gadgets lovers – those who own smart phones, laptops and/or tablets and always want to connect all of them at the same time 
  • The nomads – those who work from multiple locations and need to connect their WiFi devices to the Internet
  • The saving seekers – those who want to save a great deal from having multiple mobile Internet plans
I think I belong in more than 1 category :) haha~

Intrigued and Interested?

Head over to P1 website now! :D

an awesome P1 experience ahead of me! :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Last Tuesday, me and the ever dearest TK who accompanied me in taking trip down to Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya with 2 missions to be completed!

The first mission is to pick up the new MiFi device from P1 who is very kind enough to give me the opportunity in trying out the device! Here we have a 2 way agreement with you! Yes, i will try it out and will let you know about how awesome it is! I try to update it on real time basis! Follow my twitter where i will update it there! :D

ni laaa TK nye!. masa ni dia fefeeling ngn bag P1 tuh. sama colour katanyah! :D

So this is the device. basically it gives you the privilege of having your own WiFi everywhere! that is why it's called MiFi! /mai-fai/ haha~ :D

The best part of the bag is this! This goodies P1 gave me! Thank you p1. i don't know how I'm using the little to thank you enough for this. as I'm typing this, I'm using the USB light P1 included in the goodie bag! it's soooo useful! haha~ 

After we've finished the business, the we head over the USJ Summit in Subang USJ :D I'm gonna go and get my books at Bookalicious! yep. as the name suggest the books there is bookalicious! XDthough the price cannot go down like BookXcess but it's worth it too. At least we have another book shop to go to! :D

I didn't manage to capture few photos at bookalicious. the next time i"m there i will definitely give some insights to you ok? :D

TK was so kind to treat me chatime drink XD thank you love..


Thursday, November 15, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i'm a sucker for food!

good food means good life for me. even if i'm strapped for cash i still look for good food. as i'm a student, i often find good food at a much cheaper price! yesss~~

i've been pondering for a long time now. should i open a food blog? should i?

Istanbul Aku Datang...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

yep yep. watched Istanbul Aku Datang yesterday..

(the pictures are not mine! i copied them from everywhere around the world wide web. hew~)

Overall, from my point of view this story is ok laaaa. The pacing kinda slow and the story is predictable to me. So, it made it less exciting to me. Or maybe i've seen too many movies so basically i can ruled them out.

Anyway, the story is about Dian (Lisa Surihani) went to Istanbul to scheme on her boyfriend Azad (Tomok) on marrying her after 6 years of courtship together. So when she went to Istanbul, Azad acted kinda fishy but Dian is still scheming on it and she let it play. After being cheated by Chian, a neighbour's son and because of that she met Harris (Beto Khusyairy)..

Beto's perfomance is superb. His character is well lit and really be it. On the other hand, in my opinion Tomok is not really up to par with his character. I think he can develop more but there's always a next time. XD There's nothing else to say about Lisa.. Lisa oh Lisa~ :D

Watching this movie makes me wanna go to Istanbul. demyuh. Beto makes me wanna say Jangan Biadap! hahahaha~

I think that is it right? :D

what Hijab means to me

Monday, November 12, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
What Hijab means to me?

Hijab or I prefer calling it tudung (yes. I'm old school/traditional liddat!) is a cover for me. Not just covering my head with a piece or 2 pieces or even 3 for some occasion of cloth. It's more than just a cover to the head. It's more like a shield to you. *teneeeng! kluar shield sbijik mcm iklan susu budak*

Some may say 'takdelah lindung sangat! Pakai tudung mcm tu aurat pon tak tutup! Dada nmpak jugak!' Well, at least there's a start right? It's better than nothing at all. I always believe in we have to start small and be big in the end. Don't start big and 'kempis' afterwards. 

I started wearing tudung since i was 12 and it's been 10 years. I've been struggling with myself about to wear or not continuing wearing it. I'm not kidding. It's true. I'm just a human who is so easily swayed. Seeing some of my friends who let their hair run free (aiceh) makes me think 'ouh nk bukak jugaklaaa'. haha~ it's funny thinking about it now. 

Alhamdulillah I'm blesses since i didn't do it. 

I got a few advice for those who still feels like they don't know whether to put it on or not. Still in dilemma I guess?  
  • Once you determine in putting tudung on for good, please be good and do so. This is because you need to be persistent! If not then it's not easy to do it again. 
  • If you feel scared, put your tudung on everytime you want to go out at least 3 times in a row. This is because when you're used to it then you will feel awkward going out without it. But result may differ!
  • Be strong girl. I know you can do it.
I think this is it for now. I'll share more next time~

aiceh~ saja fefeelin~

being frugal part 2~

Saturday, July 21, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
since i've promised to continue the saga (aiceh~) of being frugal. 

for this one, i'm gonna blabber about books.

you see, i'm a reader. i love to read a lot. i just don't have the time you see.

books are expensive! to me it is. i don't mind spending but as said i don't have the money.

Well. if we are in the same boat, no fret! i've got a few solution!!! believe me it will get you more than enough!


Ever heard of this place? Truthfully i will never set my foot in this place! this is because i will go crazy if i ever been to this place. A friend told me they have this section for RM10 and you can get good books here cheaper than average! The staff is very friendly. 

The physical shop is situated in AmCorp Mall if i'm not mistaken. you can even get there with public transport. Basically you have no reason not to go to BookXcess. I don't go because I cannot afford not to buy books. Irony much? haha~ If you're not in Klang Valley area or KL area, fret not! they offer delivery but only to state outside of Selangor! it's awesome!

Just google BookXcess and you're on your way to book heaven on earth. Don't you worry you can contact them through Facebook and Twitter as well :)

Big Bad Wolf

Yep!  the BigBadWolf sale! if i'm not mistaken it's an annual event! i cant even mention the feeling of going to the sale. the only expression is OH MY GOD! that's the only expression i can find. You can save a lot! Trust Me! 

last year's BBW sale i spend exactly RM100 for books that i bought for my niece. The books are still usable and in good condition until now. My newlyborn nephew can use it as well. The books at the sale are in good condition but same not. Still it's ok for me though it's not in a good and mint condition. 

i'm not sure whether they will have it this year but erm if they have, i'm saving my duit raya for the sale. LOL

Lejen Press and Fixi Books

Don't get me even started on this! In simple word, good books, young writer and great publication. The most important is cheap! The writers are ordinary people who have talent in writing. Basically, the writers are bloggers, I think though not all of them but mostly. Ouh before i missed out on Terfaktab as well. There's just a lot you just need to find them under the radar.

Normal Blogs~

this is the cheapest way to read. Don't just read gossip blogs. i know it's tempting i did it as well. read good blogs! i heard nadhirabrundage writes good blogs. i haven't visit it yet! namyrasheed as well. you can find these blogs anywhere. 

Follow people from twitter. new people means new world. i also find some who blog through their twitter account. Follow more people ok? Sometimes, through twitter you can find good blogs to read!

you see~ there's a lot of ways to save your money :)

Late Night Awesomeness~

Friday, July 20, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
So since mostly everyone is going back for the holidays, we decided to go out and have some supper tonight~

Well, Mr.Boyfie and Api and Arep are not going home yet because of Labrat3.0 second show but it was cancelled. hence, they are here in Shah Alam. Akin is also here to settle up her AE; the thesis. Frankie and Man are staying in Shah Alam working at the new Austin Chase in Plaza Masalam.

So, we went to Austin Chase first. Eat up a little bit. Not as bad. Fefeling Coffee Planet sikit.

Then, the best part! we went to SS2 and eat up super late dinner at Murni! AWESOME!

My dish for the night is Spaghetti Carbonara and Fair Lady; the drink.
The restaurant is awesome. Big Dish! if you are small portion eater, please just order 1 dish for 2. nobody will say bad things about you. no worries!

once the picture is uploaded i will add some here for your view ok?
no pictures from me since my baby 'sleep soundly' :))

hihi. back to braceletting~

the same feeling

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well, not many know that Chixbeaut Haus! is mine. My own baby.

yep~ i used to sell the pre-order Korean clothes and stuff but i succumb to my defeat. it's not about competition but it's because of i cannot stand my failure. i wasn't holding on. I give up on it too easily. i try my very best to push chixbeaut out there but hence no luck at that time.

i stand down to the ground and decided to open it again when i finished my degree or some sort. then i get to know Miss Jezmine. she asked me once on why i didn't continue in selling stuff i told her my reason and ever since she keeps on pushing me to be back. though didn't really push but everytime she 'hit' me, it gets me thinking.

then the friendship bracelets trend started to come by when The-Man-Repeller coined the term ArmCandy. I didn't know bout this until AmiSchaheera keeps on instagram-ming her armcandy of the day. i look and think i used to do this too but a little different. i like to wear boho kinda like bangles yg byk tuh~

Jezmine coax me to do this bracelets and eventually i am having fun doing them. I revived my baby from the deep sleep. :)

After 2 weeks of no customer showing up interest, i feel like giving up again. i don't know i just feel so. then i realise this is the exact time i gave up before i cannot give up again! Hence, i keep on braceleting - what i like to called it. well, as i'm writing this i'm having sore fingers for pulling the thread tightly. we must sacrifice if we want to earn something right?

i need to be stronger than before. i have to.

being frugal isn't so bad right~

Saturday, July 14, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
living life as a student make me live in a strict budget though my parents is okay if i asked anything from them. it just i have this feeling that I need to learn one way or another on living a hard life.

if you are the ones who read my blog you know how hard life is for TESL students. though we don't deal with calculators but we deal grammar to begin with. followed by psychology sociology and my uber favourite, literature. if you think it's a piece of cake well let me enlighten you, IT'S A HUGE PIECE OF CAKE to begin with and it's not even a piece :)

back to the topic..

i don't know why but i'm excited to see good cheap stuff. i'm not sure why. maybe in order to get a piece of luxury i have to 'sacrifice' a little. you see~

usually i get my cheap stuff at at Groupon~ where else right?


a few that i met earlier on seems to be afraid to buy these things. why? they afraid of being scam i guess. it's a wild guess. some say that they don't know how to do transaction online. there are many different reason to begin with.

why i choose Groupon and other plethora of group coupon extravaganza?
it's because i don't have that much of money to begin with. i don't have the heart to call my parents and say 'hello mom, i need money to go for my monthly mani-pedi session.' even my mom don't go for mani-pedi. so i save up little by little and when an awesome deal came up i just buy them. hence, i got my monthly mani-pedi. awesome kn?

there are many of these sites and some of them are :

nampak tak berapa byk you can save?

i tell you more about other sites next time~


Monday, July 9, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
since i've been swamped with assignment here and there, i've no time to write here. i know somehow it's the same lame excuse but erm.. that's what happen to me really.

part 6 treated me badly.
juggling between work, life, assignment, drama and craps is a hard work~
but hey must we fret over small things?
they say small bumps on the road mustn't get you all down.
though part 6 is a huge BUMP and bum still i'm doing fine.

there must be silver lining in every events. hence, thoughout part 6 a lot of wonderful thing happen to me as well~~

among them :

  • i got to know this wonderful person by the name of Didiyana Ehsan~ she used to intern at our beloved OBB~ without a hitch we've been friends since.
  • recently, 3 wonderful girls joined our team apart from Jezmine, Kay and the big boss, Debab~ uber awesome girls; nasquinn, sara and izzati.
this is Sara and me~ btw Sara is the owner of BragBridget. check her store~

this is Didiyana and of course Nasquin~

izzati with the Wardah Ladies~ :D
  • the Levi'sXOldBlossomBox workshop also ubercoolio~
  • Old Blossom Box 'Once Upon A Dream' Raya Fashion Show was a blast.. i don't think i'll be able to forget it. Wonderful experience indeed~
  • the chance to meet an idol of mine :D a super duper huge thanks to Jezmine Zaidan for giving me the opportunity~
  • AZYA BAZAAR! how can i forget this! though i literally swept off my feet still feels awesome!
  • the birthday dinner with zee girls~~

there's a lot of fun things happening to me despite the fact i'm all low and worn out due to assignments and stuff!

it seems my part 6 isn't so bad after all~

*all pictures are nabbed from Jezmine's, Nasquinn's and Izzati's instagram~*

Broga :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
it was a very crazy week for me. all of my routine were jumbled up and life is a messed from that moment on. my sister is in town so i dropped everything and i mean everything to spend some time with her and my niece :)

i will do another entry about my niece. this is about BROGA baby! yep! the ever famous Broga Hill

truth to be told, i'm not the person who up for challenges like going up a hill, hurdling down a cave and other stuff. when mr. boyfie ask me and a friend of mine to go to Broga, we went berserk and really2 wanna go.

so at 4 a.m in the morning, we start our way from Shah Alam to Semenyih by car :)
it takes about an hour almost 2. it's road to the hill is quite tricky and scary at the same time.

around 5 in the morning, the journey start!

What you need in hiking up the hill :
  • appropriate attire - during my trip, i'm so NOT wearing the appropriate attire!
  • good hiking shoe. a normal shoe would be fine but it will slippery :)
  • torch lights! - i got mine before the hike begin. they sell light at the beginning of the trail. kinda pricey though. you'll be better to bring your own
  • last but not least ENERGY and STAMINA! - the ultimate weapon which i don't have! :))
on the hike, i was able to reach the first base. it was a big achievement for me! though only the first base.

when i reach the first base, this is the view..
captured by the so not awesome camera of mine! :(

i swear when I reach the first base alone i feel like all of my problems kinda disappear from my mind. actually i feel a little bit bumped out because of me, mr.boyfie couldn't go up until the 3rd base so i'm kinda sad. still, the sadness doesn't really make me feel overwhelmed with it.

forgot to mention, the trip members were :

Mr. Boyfie :)

The ever dearest Aisyah

and of course, Me :D
yep :)

if you really want a getaway, wake up in the morning and hike up this Broga Hill in Semenyih.
i don't know whether i want to go again or not. Still i'm still pondering on it :)

fears and frustration

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
This love affair between you and I
Do you think it’s worth the try
Hearts to be broken
I wonder if you do this often
You occupy my mind all day and night
I think of things to say to do
What we should do to keep this alive

You love sending chills up my spine
Depending on it most of the time
But for you I’m just an ordinary girl
But you bumped into
Hoping I’ll leave you
Within a month or two

Fears and frustration galore
I’ll never understand you
I’ll never be the girl you long for
I’ll never be the hand you want to hold

And if we go back in time
Would you still be the same person
I’d do it all over again I’ll try to make you mine

We spent so much time
Looking into each others’ eyes
Looking into each others’ lies
Overlooking reality
I’m feeding on high expectations and happy endings
We were high above the ground or was it just me?
I’ll pull myself out of this confusion
I never meant to be an intrusion
But for you I’m nothing more but just a phase

 (Chorus x2)

RM35 vacation to anywhere!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
-disclaimer : actually i forgot to post this post ;p and it was written years ago but enjoy-

so the sem already started and the work starts piling feels so heavy and not very pleasant.

on my twitter timeline many tweeted saying that they "need vacation but no time and need to save up money.not just too.especially when the groupon mails came in and the vacation to thailand, krabi, bali and soo many others i cant even ignore!

in order to get the vacation you have to be emotionally connected to your vacation. why i say this because you really got to have the connection to really indulge in your trip.

during the long break, i've been to Afghanistan and the an imaginary place.... i also went to the House of Holes (gasp!)

the best thing about all of the vacation i took cost me around RM35 :) yep. MALAYSIAN RINGGIT 35


if that's your expression then yes please believe me. i did go there ;)

you want the answer?

the answer is pick up a book and read.that is why you have to be emotionally connected to the book and lwt your imagination fly up soaring to the moon.

i did went to Afghanistan during the break.i went there Khaled Hosseini. he wrote the book entitled A Thousand Splendid Sun. its all about the struggle of 2 women in who belong in different zone but meet up in some ways and together they trying to find a way out. its so moving! i read it from an ebook i installed in my phone and it was just as moving. i believe that if i have the actual book i might be crying at the end of the book. it was soooooo awesome. not was i guess more like it IS awesome!

If you are really want to know how women was treated in Afghanistan please read. If you think that you've been degraded or anything similar read this book and i believe that you will have this connection with the 2 women in the book. i have maybe because of empathy :)

you will too.

will post more on the other books nanti okey?

kan ku hembus habuk-habuk ini

written by the Queen, iera marhe

haaaaaaaaaaa :D

i'm back people :D
ouh well, it's been so long so i'm writing anything kan?

actually i've been busy my whole life in this semester.
bustling between life, love, study and Old Blossom Box (yes. imma a happy person) i ratehr say i live normally and happily happy :D

the exam over the days are tougher than expected. i hope i can elevate the CGPA for this sem. i pray hard for that.

actually i have pretty much things to say and since i have like 6 weeks and counting long holiday i might write more. i will touch more on fashion i guess since it the only thing that keeps me going :)

i hope i'll be able to write soon :D

loves :D