Capsters (HFW)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Actually i was going to do a video on this but alas i failed. so i think i might try vlogging on the other day.

Today, i'm gonna talk about Capsters.

As usual...

What is Capsters?
Capsters is a head gear that is being produced to aid muslimahs to cover their aurat when they are doing or practising sports. This is because as a girl how messy it would be with your usual hijab on especially for those who is wearing shawls. Thus, with this invention it is easier for muslimahs to cover the aurat. When worn, it will not reveal the shape of your neck that is why i strongly agree that it covers the aurat.

Look at my face so BULAT and me feel me look weird. but when the headgear is super easy to wear and i was like BRING IT ON SISTERS!

That is CAPSTERS by the way :)

Why Capsters?
As I said, it is easier eventhough i look weird in it. Yes. I would wear it to the gym! It made life so easy~ enough say i guess~

When to use Capsters?
Like i mentioned above, during sporting events, training, and many others. Don't worry if you are involved water sports because Capsters also provide headgear specific for these kinda sport.

Who can use Capsters?
Anyone regardless of the shape of your face. This is because the headgear (as i call it) is flexible. The headgear is attached with Velcro straps on it so it will make it more comfortable as well :)

How to use it?
Just slide on and put it on your head. Strap it on and ready to go :)

More information can be found on Capsters website.... CLICK HERE!
if you have any questions, please leave me comments on this post and i will try to answer your question to my very understanding.

Truth to be told I'm not a sporty girl. Never. But I like Capsters because it's super comfy and i just love it!

since i'm not a sporty person so i decided to wear it as a neck covered inner. I'm so bad! :p
this is improvisation. hahaha~

Till we meet again fellas...