OPKIM Terengganu is uber awesome~

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Alright. Before i went yaddi yaddi yadda~

I'm stressing that i'm not someone who used to live in kampung. Not to brag but i don't! Seriously~
I'm very afraid of the wood cracking and stuff. But i was given the opportunity to live in one for 5 days!

On the 11th of May, me and 17 others started our journey to kampung Kuala Kemaman, Terengganu. We set of at 12pm and arrived somewhat 630pm. There i met my foster mom! :D

When i arrived at the house, I was afraid as i have my stigma which is a bad thing for a teacher~
Back to the story, I was kinda afraid of the house basically but i have my gut and just go with it. turns out that wooden house is so cool and cold as well. I like a LOT! :D

My family consist of 5 members, Aboh (yes, i called him aboh!), Ma, Along and adik2 ku~
haha~ basically the family reflected my own family as well. We have the same sibling count and type. ;p

I lived in between Athir's and Jalek's  family house. While Khairun stay next to Jalek. All of us scattered around 3 village to be exact there are Kuala, Rumah Murah and Kg.Geliga.

Day 1: Arriving Early

erm. arrived at 630 to 7pm. Met my mom and the house. :)
From here, i knew that she's a Keropok Lekor maestro! :)
Have a meeting at night and settling everything for tomorrow's big day :)
Late at night it was raining heavily and i sleep heavenly! :D

Day 2 : The Arrival of Others

In the morning it rain heavily so we have to postponed everything that has been planned and carried it out in the evening.
I watched how exactly the Keropok was done. And later at night i tried to do it as well and i succeed!
We have to set everything up and god! aren't we tired~
Our friends arrived around 530 and we waited for the ADUN to come and make it official. The rest of my comrades are divided to their foster family and we had briefing for tomorrow's event.

Day 3 :  KENDURI! :D

i totally forgot what happen in the morning but we have a kenduri at night. somewhat in the evening, a bunch of us have a little cooking time and some others played futsal and tug-of-war with the villagers. We had fun during the night with karaoke and stuff. :)

Day 4 : Talk-Day

The morning started up with senam robik and the talk cae afterwards. both talk was awesome and the speaker is fun to listen to :)
At night, we have a forum and most of the villagers came and listen to it.
After the forum, the villagers did some favor for us and we have informal dinner together. it was an abrupt thing as most of us didn't know about it but it was fun though :)

Day 5 : going back home~ :|

It was sad~ but you kow how we go. we always find the happiness out of the blue~
Everything is sad from the beginning and stress is all the way. The closing ceremony is uber-ly sad~
I cried. Non the less :D

ok. if you wanna see the photo you can look at it here..
There's just so many....