menanam anggur di dusun cik kiah :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
actually i don't know what to do. so i turn to writing. when i turn to writing, i don't know what to write.

i wanna do follow friday but it's already saturday. Going to work? no chance. SIGH~

What else should i do?

So let me tell you...

Back then when i was growing up, somewhat in 2003 the tabloid broke the news about unemployment. And now, i feel sick unemployed eventhough i haven't finished studying yet. I know when you score a job you would be a lazy ass to go to work right?

Seriously, I rather go to work than at home doing nothing. Yes, that is the best thing to do ever!!!
but don't you just got headaches when you stay and lying around the house?
To those who can't score a job, nevermind. maybe it's not their rezeki yet but to those who capable?
Find a job..

As i'm writing this, alhamdulillah my job application has been answered by Mylo+Athena. A web-shop (new term. ignore it!) Going to interview this Wednesday. Wish me luck and pray for me peeps!
I really need  job right now~ :)