Monday, October 17, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Korang td tengok Buletin Utama tak?

Kalau blom tengok nanti tggu keluar kat TonTon ok?

It's so sad and sickening to see a 2 year-old child being run over by 2 vehicle. you see. i cry silently inside of myself. There were those who pass by her while she was laying there on the road. She was ran over by 2 vehicles tau. i mean she's 2 years old. what can you expect. an aunty saw her and move her to the side of the road. though she didn't bring her to the hospital at least we can see that she still have the humane in her telling her that please move the girl away or at least i think about it like that. Finally there's a lady brought the girl to a hospital.

How can you just stare at the girl. It must crossed your mind somehow about it isn't it?
I just can't believe what i've seen on the tv. It's sickening!

Cube kalau kat Malaysia jadi mcm tuh? ape perasaan korang?

Now, the image of the girl stuck in my head. all i can do is pray for her to be safe and sound. *macam mana nk tdo mlm ni*

I think the video is on youtube so you guys ca go and search for it ok?