more than 100 days since i met u :)

Monday, August 29, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
you see in my life there are many important person that i hang on to :)

well the first n foremost would be my parents and my siblings kan? of course :D

next i have my ever lovely mr. love. no further explanation needed. the love of my life and most of my everything :D

friends! :D the treasures that i have :D

yes. since i've been very busy hustling in the city of Shah Alam (achewah!) it's been more 100 hundred days. believe it? i miss going out with my friends..well, just now we just go out and have our annual break-fasting session. yes we do have that. i miss being out with my girl friends! :D


 love-birds for the day :)

 i know i'm some kind of interfering but who cares! bahahahahah! :D

just now we have aza,aleen,pura,zraa,mixi,ajim,alem,ayep,apex and dolaa :)
sometimes i do pity the restaurant owner because we do make such noise but we are preventing the restaurant from being so quiet!

after we've finished the eating part of the day, most of us when our own ways. me,aza and aleen went to jonker street or jonker walk (which ever you prefer exactly). aleen wanna find a pair of flippyflop! :D

we did found the slipper. however we did some execessive shopping where me and aleen bought a pair of necklace on our own :)
this is mine..

then we went into this small and tiny shop. the shop was so awesome! i like being in the shop. for real and seriously! aleen bought a ring and i did not buy anything :D

i can't reveal the last thing that we bought for the day because i want to be surprise! for him of course. once i told him about the surprise for sure i will update you guys on it, ok?

i promise!

so this is how i wore my pashmina for today. it's a very big and wide pashmina.. mom bought it in yamen! :D
somehow the colour fits my shirt really well

before i get going, i would like to wish you 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin
"I would like seek a little of forgiveness in your heart to forgive me for all the things that I've done that hurts you in every minuscule minute.I am very sorry for that mistake I've made. Wishing you the very best Eid in your life"

btw.i'm very excited for tomorrow. my niece and her parents will be home after iftar tomorrow! :D

early in the morninggggg~~

Friday, August 12, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
heya peeps! :D

actually i have lots to update you guys on but i just don't have the time.. i hope that when i'm home i do have the time to catch up with everything that i promised you with :D

so tomorrow i will be going back to me home! yezza people! :D
only god knows how excited i am to be going back home. HONESTLY! :)

i will start uploading videos n catching up with every stories that i left you guys out without any bad intention :D

need to sleep now.. update u guys tomorrow~~~ :D


Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
hey there:) as i browsing my tumblr just now, i found one challenge that for me seems so interesting!! VIDEO CHALLENGE!! all i have to do is record the challenge and post it here!  

1. Your full name and tumblr url.
2. What is in your bag ? 
3. Tour of your bedroom
4. Say five things that begin with the first letter of your name
5. Go to your refrigerator and pick out 5 things you like
6. Give your opinion on three topics of your choice
7. Dreams & Ambitions.
8. Make a video with a friend.
9.. Tell us three things you like about yourself and three thing you don’t
10. Tell us about your favourite band/artist.
11. Favourite drink, food, number, colour ? 
12. Favourite boys name & favourite girls name

ni laaa jadahnye jika da lame terpakse meninggalkan blog kesayangan! :D
amek kau,, berduyun2 post smalaman! :D

ape2 pon. i'll try to do this! :D me...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
ya rabbi! da berkulat da blog ni...

maafkan saya kerana for ignoring this little piece of myself. i've been busy with the other pieces! macam ni takkan tercapai lah impian nk jadi blogger sejati. maybe it's there ahead of me but i think it's still far ahead of time~


i think for most of you who read this little piece of heaven (ke?), knows that i like to enter contests..
it's a habit you know. maybe because i wasn't always as lucky as others that it encourages me to try anything that comes in my way.

i have been laying low... so low until i havent write anything! in here. pity my ouh sweet2 blog..~~~
i shud make way to update you guys on KEFAJAR's latest program; Program Momen Anak Angkat dan Sehati Fasilitator 'Menjana Transformasi Remaja' Siri II :)

loads to update you guys on :D

before i'm ending my note for tonite~~

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ahahahah! ayat nk #retis je ;p