pray for her

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
hello readers. sorry for my hiatus for a few days as i went to a workshop nun jauh di jitra (dgn loghat kedah yea?)

the night berofre we went to jitra, one of my friend, Nurul Khairiyah Salamat met with an accident that cause her more than we could think of. Alhamdulillah, so far she's winning :)
I need all of your help and support in praying to god to keep her save. please readers, you're my hope :)

After the incident, she was moved from HTAR, Klang to Hospital Sungai Buloh becasue there's an internal bleeding in her brain. alhamdulillah, everythings's fine now it's just that she's still in a coma and still in the icu.

please all my lovely readers, pray for her. i'll update more when i visit her again. and about the jitra trip, tunggu :D

Personal Preference (Entry ni Panjang. Bare with me People!)

Monday, March 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
minutes ago, i read this one blog saying that Yuna's style are getting weirder and weirder. after that i read this blog; particularly this post, and boy i agree with her!
forgive me for a very sharp intro but i just love to go straight to the point :)

erm. if you don't know anything or don't have a clue what am i saying click here

i think most of you know about this blog. before anything let me try to clarify :)

Yuna's style where you can see here:

taken from

ok. this style is better known as Turban. This style of head-dressing is coming back to this era :)
to me it's not weird at all. Maybe because i am a tumblee; like Yuna, and in Tumblr there are a lot of fashion blogger who always updating their fashion blog.

Turban style is making a comeback now. Unlike Macha's turban where you can see everyday on the streets, turban style that as being styled by Yuna (refer picture) is a fashion sense to me. This is an opinion from me. I thik it's nice to see Yuna with a new style. <-- get what i'm saying. :)

so coming to the story. everybody definition about weirdness or pelik as what we call in Malaysia or Freak in English is very2 subjective.
From the view of one of my friend, the vintage way of dressing is weird enough for him but not for the Scarflets (they are the ones who come close to my mind when i talk about vintage-ly dressing. i'm not saying they're weird. i love all of them. thank you ;p)
look at Maria Elena, even her blog spells to others, she may be weird but she's lovable! :D

so. for Abang Nara, to me yes you have a point on what to say but please, you have tonnes of readers (unlike Me) and you're damn famous. why don't give that brotherly advice personally to her. to others who commented harshly, do you have empathy in you? if you don't, go and see the counsellor. What do you feel if somebody do that to you? Do you even know what empathy is? Golly! Yea, you can say
'Ouh nk jadi artis kene kental!'
Mmg laa kene kental brader. tak jadi artis pon kne kental jugak :) i'm not mad of what mr.nara said but i'm sad. that's all.fullstop.

to me, Yuna is not to be blamed and nobody to blamed in this matter. She's trying new stuff. What's so wrong with that?? You may say that
'Tu haa! nmpk leher! tutup aurat apenye?'
teehee~ pandai jeeee komen! :D
abg2 dan cik akak sekalian, i don't know your arguments but to me, Yuna is tilting her head down, that is why there's a peek at the neck area. i do believe that if she let her head up straight then the neck area shown in the picture is covered by the shawl she's wearing around her neck.

Yuna, if you ever read this post (which make me fly to the 7th heaven [figurative language okeyh?]) don't worry darling, trying something new is not a matter of life and death. You are as strong as diamonds who shines from the rest:)

as a conclusion (macam academic writing lah pulak!), opinions and suggestions and critique is very personal! our views as well. i may say that i love Louis Vuitton but you may not. You can say you love McDonald but i love Pizza Hut and there are no right or wrong. it's personal preference.


Yuna just trying something. please don't demotivate others! please do motivate! :D it's better that way :) At least she's brave enough to try something new. do you?

watch this video :)

without weird people is like vanilla icecream without sprinkles, teehee! :)

cupcakes! :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i'm so sorry that it took forever for me to update me bloggy. it's not that i wanted to it's just that i have something else to do :(

why this post entitled cupcakes?
this is because the other day; Thursday , Hotel UiTM decided to come and have what i like to call showcase in my faculty. Actually, it's not at my faculty but they held it at the INTEC building. hehe!

they are selling tonnes of stuff there. I was walking by just to withdraw some money from the bank and my bf came to me and said

bby. look at mira. she's doing her own design on the cupcakes!
yes! we get to design our own cupcakes! :D

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ be prepare to see what you've just read :)

this is what we give to each other :) his and mine :D

this is what he gave me :) ouh erm. the blue lines and the yellow that fills it, it's love :))

this is what i gave him :) the pink lines are supposed to be heart shape but our love it's not like any other loves thus it have shapes of its own ;p
and the figure on the left hand side is a girl with overflown skirt and that explains why u can't see no legs and on the right hand side is a boy who is so happy to have a cupcake! :D

each cupcake cost RM0.50 including the dressing. :)
it's so addictive it made me think to buy and oven and bake at home! dang! :D

you see, eventhough you're not creative (like me and my bf) you can still act like one and make a quirky gift :)

btw, we finished (om nom nom nom) the cupcake in 2-3 bites :D
what! so fast?

excuse me. it's a tiny cupcake! :D i would have deemed more since it's so darn delicious! :D

Red Flare

Friday, March 18, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Modstrom black blazer
120 EUR -

Balenciaga black crepe pants
579 GBP -

Leather heels
$235 -

Proenza Schouler satchel handbag
$2,595 -

Hermes bangle
$430 -

POSH shawls scarve
$75 -

Sunglasses plastic sunglass
$38 -

135 EUR -


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
you can count on me like 1,2,3
and i'll be there
and i know when i needed i can count on you like 4,3,2
and you'll be there

first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :D

am very sorry i ain't there to celebrate your birthday with you :)
another year passed by. hik3! getting older ;p
i ain't have anything to give you either. i'm sooo relieved since you told me dad gave you a couch :)
that doesnt mean i'm happy i don't have to give you anything :)
havent had any income yet. tggu tau mi? nnty au? ;p


so. for readers, as you know, today's my mom birthday.

her name is Mdm Siti Suria Kasim :D
married to Mr. Marhe Abd Wahab :D

both of them are the grandparents of Ailaa Myiesha bt Erwan Musyit :D
a very2 naughty girl who is so smart and only tired after the day ends. boleh kurus jage die tau tak????

their children are Marlissa who married Erwan Mursyit, Mohd Firdaush and me; Marheerah ;)

basically that's my family. this is what i have for now. anyhow this is post is about my mom! :D

actually i really2 miss home but maybe the way i was brought up in school didn't really allow me to show how i miss home. i'm not those blondies that cries out their eyes just because they are away for 10km from home. teehee~

my parents raised me well enough to allow myself to be on my own. alhamdulillah. at least bits of burden are lifted from them. at least they just have to be worried :D

so mom. upon your birthday (XD) i would like to wish you a very HAPPY birthday! :D
indulge in the new couch which i'm really2 wanna get my hands on as soon as i got back since i'm so damn uber busy here! :D
i don't know when i'm coming back. sorry for that. i'm coming back someday. i promised :D (mcm jauh sgt je duduk. hahaha! walhal kat sah alam ni je haaaaaaa! )
stop worrying about your work and smile for yourself and dad!

love you mom and daddy! :D
muahx! :D

Stellar Vintage Bazaar (plus other super stellar Vintage Vendors + Maysaa)

Saturday, March 12, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
yeah! once again my friends and 1 went to a bazaar-like event and the friends are none other than these 2 :

hehehe! yep. that's arep and fik,my baby :)

so, in the rain we went to empire! i never see myself walking in the mall because it looks so extravaganza! ;)) well, we did go there :) alhamdulillah, we found Stellar :)
and guess who i met there?

Yes, it's the ever dearest Hana Tajima :) ouh wait, i have photo proof. hahha!

forgive my excited face but hey, you don't meet Hana on a daily basis especially for someone like me! :) uber kan? since super be superb then uber be uberb! :) ok random babbling :)

alright, when i enter Stellar i was in a awe moments where in my head, my brain send the signals to my brain (WTH? oh well. hahaha) to make me feel 'Ouh my..heaven on earth!! :D'

so after a few minutes, i saw a flight of stairs that lead to the upper floor. nobody really go up there when i arrived and i thought it was restricted but i go against my brain and more on my gut :)
i climb the stairs and to my surprise, there she was :)
i reeeally wanna take her picture with me in it but i dont know how to say. you see when i'm excited i will be crazy :) just look at the picture. this lady wants to take my picture and i said ok. after that, behind me was Hana! i get bold and ask for picture! she said yes! :)

i never thought Hana would be there as i miss the conference held by my seniors and she's there as a speaker. i really2 wanna go to the conference. Allah the Almighty, eventhough i can't be there at the conference but i was there at Stellar event. I really2 wanna meet Hana and i got the chance to meet her :) Alhamdulillah :D

ok.back to the event....
i was quite down as everybody is holding superb camera while i clutching on my old hp :) but the phone did me a great favour for almost 2years now :)

i end up buying a black maxi! for RM15? yes! :) luckily the seller is so superb. when i was kidding with her saying that 'can i haggle?' she said yes and gimme a price so i can't be more thankful. :)
thank you miss seller :)
i hope you still remember which one is me!

Since Stellar just uploaded the picture and i don't have the whole scene picture, this is how it looks there...

saje nk bg jeles! hahahha!
picture credit to Stellar :)
there's many more... klik here!

i kinda notice that my face is easily forgettable! :D *random lagi*

sooo, we went back.. bye Hana, i hope you still remember me :)

so, when we reach shah alam, arep said that he wants to play basketball. so....

i ditch the heels and change to flats instead. hehe. luckily i bring both!

turns out to be... i just go bare foot during the so-called-playing-time :)

see, what i'm wearing for the game. haha!
and i know i have a big belly and i'm fat! hahaha! i dont care!

here are some shots!

all in all, i really2 like to thank my bby and arep for the trip! :)
this is one of my favourite picture of the evening...

signing off :)

Being a Goddess :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
So! :D
The reason i haven't been updating is because i went to Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Muar for the weekend :)
it was a heaven of a time! :D

On friday evening; around 7-ish, we are on our way to muar. arrived at 11pm. so terus tdo!
during the trip, they play Mohabbatein! hihi. am not a fan of bollywood but hey da bosan kan tgk je laaaaa. smpai tetido2 :D

smpai laaa di sekolah dan off we go! the school made me reminisce all of the memories i have in my own school. everything is the same! even the structure of the building!

in the morning, we started the program. all of us decided to change our names to pseudonym. haha! and mine is Dewi which is equivalent to Goddess :) so called! ;p we started up with the LDK :)
got a passive group but alhamdulillah they all give me the strength i need. and now i miss em. *sigh* they turned active jugak in the end. weeee huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

dat nite, we played war game with em. :) let me keep the memories in my head :D
ouh.. i wanna share this with you. this is before the war game :)
*didenda!* hik3! :D

on the start of day 2, we continue the LDK we did before the war game. and the last LDK is a sad2 LDK. they know what i mean :D

anyhow, here are some pictures i have in my keep. these pictures are the last pictures my phone can snap before the camera can't functioned since this morning! *pfffffffffffffft!!!*

Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Beastly [updated]

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so yeah! been to the premiere last night. :)

first and foremost, to the ever dearest Fikri; my lovely3! bby, thank you so much for sending and fetching us to the Curve for the screening. Sorry susahkan you :(

on the same note, to the ever lovely Aisyah Nazamud-din, thanx for keeping me company and exploring the Curve! :)

for the day, my class finished at 4-ish. so we rushed back to our houses and get ready. we moved from shah alam around 530. awal? yeah? mengelak jammed laa katekan. thus smpi kat the curve around 6 and off we go. so this is what i do in the car..

i was trying on Hana T look with the help of sifarahmislina tutorial! but tak berapa jadi! haish! i just go on with it. with a few tweaking done by me. hek3!

so dgn tatau ape2 nye smpi laaa kan. we try our very best carik2 the venue but we end up asking from this one lady. she's very nice! :) dgn jakun3 nye kami pon mencari jalan dan smpi! :)
we discovered one cafe. Japanese theme. i totally forgot the name! :)

me and aisyah also found this one bookstore where they sell long forgotten books (ok. exaggeration. it's not forgotten but hey it's long2 ago kinda books) theys ell it for like RM5! yes.. RM5! :))
so Aisyah met her old time crush, Archie! hahaha! :)
and she's uber excited! Aisyah spend RM15 there which equivalent to 3 books while i was biting my lips and try not to buy anything! hahaha! :))

the clock strikes 8.30pm and me and aisyah go the cineplex and wait in line for our tickets. so this is out ticket with the badge! :)

for someone who always lost in contest or lucky draws or whatever competition, this is very special for me!!! :) may some of them say that,
'eleh, baru dpt g tgk wyg dah bragging!'

firstly, it's not just wyg, it's première! :) it's french! hahahah!
and i'm so not use in winning and when i win some i'm uberly excited ok?

we were like kids when we got in and we watched it! it is a good movie and it's not just a remake of beauty and the beast, for me it got essence that i cant quite captured when i watched the original beauty and the beast. maybe i was small. hahah!

after the movie we came back to the real world and shah alam. :)

so this is what i wear to watch zee movie! :)

am not gorgeous. i know ;p

so let's talk about the movie...

so kalaw nk tau ape2 pasal the movie klik cn :)


this is the couple; the main character of the movie. Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. They are different in many ways but hey remember, love is blind tau! :)

so, dipendekkan cerita, lelaki hensem bertukar mnjadi tak hensem! beastly you'alls! :)
but it his fault and maybe his father who instilled the mantra in him.
i dont really remember the mantra. u have to watch the movie yourself! :)

this one scene (picture below) is my favourite scene. it's kinda funny! :))

this scene below is when they have fallen in love (but not the girl!). you must watch the movie to understand what i mean :)

these 2 are my favourite characters! :)

Neil Patrick Harris being a blind teacher! i can't get it out my head! i keep on thinking he's Barney Stinson in the movie! hahahahaha! :))

the most favoured character in the movie! :)

she's awesome! :)