the power of WORD

Sunday, October 2, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
heyya people.

so the other day in Mdm. Roslind's class, we learnt how powerful words is. The power of diction. some may think that what the hell! it's just a word. Yes. to you it may be a word but not to others especially when you don't really know them.

Well, someone may say show the power of words to me then i'll believe you!

  • (taken from mdm. roslind, again) How do Hitler rise up to where he was back then. With the power of words he did it! He rule the nation. Implement the notion in the citizen mind and they believe him eventhough when you really think about it it's absurd. well, here's the link you can read it up though it's wikipedia; not accountable but works kan? Click HERE :) 

  • with only words, you can motivate a person. move a person from a down state to high above especially when you are being look upon and sought to all the time. Example you say? Well, imagine this one person whom you like with all your life didn't even lay an eye on you then one day suddenly she/he say 'I Like You'. You may be flying literally to the outer space. Even Cloud 9 can't contain your happiness. Isn't it? Want more example?

  • The MAJOR example is our own beloved country, Malaysia. I know we do fight for our freedom. There were war and bloods spilt. Sad but true. There's always a silver lining. Remember that. We also won our independence with word. Our former father went there. talk and negotiate and came back with our independence. I think with 3 examples you get the picture right?

so you see how powerful diction is? bear in mind that words are dangerous. as dangerous as a knife, a sword, a gun, an atomic bomb, even an asteroid or all of them combine! with words you can bring people up, bring em down, make em happy, make em laugh, make em cry, make them feel motivated and even demotivate people.

before the class the other day, i was aware of the power of words but not as much as this.

they also say that experience is the best teacher. so to @pointblankshot and @babyjanejuliet i'm sorry for barging into your conversation. i have no reason to offer :) yes. freedom of speech kan? XD

moral of the story tonight.. don't barge in to people's conversation. kan org tua2 da pesan nk menyampok bagi salam dulu. my bad. at times we do tend to forget things :D

p/s : madam roslind is my lecturer for the Contemporary Literature. so that's why in this post it's all related to her since she's the one who said it.