Priest [Review]

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
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Before i went to Terengganu the other day, i score the chance to watch a première of Priest!
so this time, i'm gonna do it a little bit different from the previous reviews that i did. :)
So, let's hit the synopsis first....


Before we are all here, there's a history between vampires and human race. We keep on fighting with each other as the years ad century goes by. One day, they found a way to defeat the vampires as the vampires are faster, stronger and  other traits that cannot allow any human to defeat them. The Church founded PRIEST. A league of men and women who have the ability to fight and slay the vampires and the Priest won consecutively. So, the Church build up a town with the highest wall for the human to live. Since the vampires are all defeated, they were put up in cells.

Priest, the main character always have a nightmare about an incident that cause him his friend. Then, we get to know that his niece were captured by a group of vampires. Cam Gigandet or Hicks came by and ask the Priest to help him. Later in the story we know that hicks is in love with the niece, Lucy. Priest consult the Higher Order and they won't allow him to go and save his niece. He go regardless of what they say. He stopped at his brother attacked house and Hicks meet Priest there. There, they started their journey. Then, the Higher Order called upon other Priest and Priestess to captured The Priest because he already broken his vows. Hicks and Priest arrived at a vampire nesting place and they met with the Priestess. Priestess told priest about things that she had been ordered to do. Together they fought slaying the vampires again. 

At a different town, other Priest are slayed by a vampire, Black Hat. Form the start of the movie, we get to know that Black Hat is the friend that Priest had lost before. Then all of the other Priest died when they are battling Black Hat who is now a human vampire, not a Familiar; person who are infected by the vampire. Priest, Priestess and Hicks arrived at the town and they were too late. They discovered a plan and figured out what the vampires wanna do. They execute the plan and later in the movie, we know that actually Lucy is Priest's daughter and that is why he is so determined to save her. 


alright. basically that's the whole story. From a point of view, it's a wicked action movie where all of the things and stunt that they did was awesome! The storyline is somehow packed and we get every major points of the movie. The actors and actresses acted it all well :)

As a muslim who watched the movie, somehow i don't recommend the movie because of Christianity is the main stem of the movie. I would really love the movie but the religious sentiment made me uneasy. I have no offence towards other religion but it just made me uneasy. All and all, the movei is great but if they made it more subtle then it would be better.