a lost love

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
ok. this etry should be written 2 weeks ago. i know i'm slob. seriously busy with all the things that i sign up too. i asked for it. i got it. ;p

so lets rewind back to 2 weeks ago.....

after attending a seminar or better yet a program with the collaboration Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and Ministry of Youth and Sport (KBS) me, bby, ein and bee went to Sunway Pyramid because Fikri wants to get me my birthday present (yes.it's my birthday!) and in one incident i LOST MY PRECIOUS PHONE! :|

yes people..i lost my phone...
my life line...
my contacts...
my plans...
my uberly precious gift from mama and papa :(

(Now in the present)..

It's been 2 days... i've been using Huawei's Ideos X5! :)
With Android 2.2 and a lotta FUN! :)

hahahaha~ to some may say that :
'what kinda phone is that? Huawei? Never heard of it.. haah!'
'hish! ape lah.. belilah bende yg bebaloi siket!'
hm.basically this is why i'm buying this phone of mine.I really wanna buy the new Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman phone but when i arrived at the shop i saw MOTORola's Flipout. I went nuts for it but same... when i had the demo i feel like i want more.

Because of my greed and the feeling of not want to spend any more money that my parents earned i settle for something more in specification but less in name. The feeling is different you know. Who wants to be left out of the super fast cyber and technology world.sigh.technology changes rapidly and we want to be on the go. That is why i made this decision. yes. i can go and buy the cute MOTOrola Flipout but will i have the more or less the same experience like using Samsung Galaxy XL (i know the feeling because my boyfriend is using one ;p) Don't get me wrong because Galaxy XL is way more pricier than my Ideos X5 that's why i say that i can settled for less in name but more in specification.

so yes. that is it... ouh wait... this is the phone!

Huawei Launches the Next Generation Huawei IDEOS X5 Smartphone for Busy Professionals Huawei Launches the Next Generation Huawei IDEOS X5 Smartphone for Busy Professionals
thank you HotCellular for the picture. you can read about it here!