how i long the days when i'm with you~ :D

Monday, February 25, 2013 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i've been swamped with many assignments and finals over the semester. now the break too is almost over but being me; having a break is not really a break.

i'm not as active as i can be as a student but i joined clubs that actively organize things and asking people to join and what not (leulz)

without MiFi by my sight and side, it's a hard life for me. 

Being in Sepang and constantly get updates on my phone (yes, I'm in a love-hate relationship with twitter) makes my phone's internet line kinda busted and i missed having the MiFi device. I've read somewhere on the internet saying that when we used WiFi instead of the mobile data option, we will minimize our phones battery usage. with thus makes me missed it even more! hmmph!

i've mentioned somewhat in my older post where there are 2 types of device that P1 offers to the consumers and they are below:-

(credit for the P1 Website)

the square one which is MX230 can connect up to 8 devices! XD imagine that!! the battery lasted for hours and can be put on standby when you don't really wanna use it and of course you can just off it when you don't want to use for a long time. simply by pushing a button. with the indicators at the front makes your life easy as pie~~ :D

my life has been a miserable life in that particular week when i'm away from it (deep deep sigh)....

please don't be miserable like me and click here to learn more~