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Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
ya rabbi! da berkulat da blog ni...

maafkan saya kerana for ignoring this little piece of myself. i've been busy with the other pieces! macam ni takkan tercapai lah impian nk jadi blogger sejati. maybe it's there ahead of me but i think it's still far ahead of time~


i think for most of you who read this little piece of heaven (ke?), knows that i like to enter contests..
it's a habit you know. maybe because i wasn't always as lucky as others that it encourages me to try anything that comes in my way.

i have been laying low... so low until i havent write anything! in here. pity my ouh sweet2 blog..~~~
i shud make way to update you guys on KEFAJAR's latest program; Program Momen Anak Angkat dan Sehati Fasilitator 'Menjana Transformasi Remaja' Siri II :)

loads to update you guys on :D

before i'm ending my note for tonite~~

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ahahahah! ayat nk #retis je ;p