[review] Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon ; From the Queen's eyes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
since i so long gone from this blog so here it goes once again..

Last,the me and him went to Jusco Bukit Raja to but movie tix and we are kinda lucky and we got the tix. so we waited and waited. Finally we went in with high expectations. seriously!

so like normal, we do the review first ok?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Poster

we learn about the war and how an autobot escape cybertron with a technology he invented during the war. it's kinda long intro ok?!

started with a hot girl and the new life of Sam Witwicky and the hardships he went through after graduating. we also learn that the autobots are working with the government.then it appear that sam's parents are in town. Fast forward, sam got a job. then he found out that it's the recommendation of his girlfriend's boss [u can get the vibe that something bad is coming]

sam went to work and encounter a weird colleague. then he dies! fast forward. the autobots met with the decepticon and many things were reveal. Wanna know what happen? go n watch :D


ok. now. transformers 3 from my own view! :D {SPOILER ALERT}

in no particular order...

  1. Super cool cars. so i may die watching it!
  2. how can the girl running around in super high heels during a war! i can't even survive for 3 minutes. gawd! i need to practise. she even look hot during the war. like whaaat?!
  3. friendship never end! ouhhh~
  4. the bad guy (the BOSS! Patrick Dempsey. whadya expect!and Shockwave too) always look awesome except for decepticon and sentinel prime.mybe they are already old.positive thinking!
  6. how can the Megatron being able to succumb to provocation by a small and beautiful human? blergh! i'm wondering how can you invade a world when you can control your mind? :D
that's wat i can think about right now. might add bits later on.hik3! :D