Muzik2 Recording With Yuna, Bunkface, M.U.H and many more! :D

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

The other day i saw this commercial on TV3 where they are recording performances for the show since i was a kid Muzik-Muzik! :D i went there with this bunch :)


so. i decided to go since there are YUNA! yes YUNA! :D super excited! :D
so me and my friends went to Plaza Alam Sentral or we UiTM-ers called it PAS :)
me being the Super-Noob baru tau yg Sri Pentas 2 tuh kat atas! :D mind me~

so we went there and the moment I enter the studio i was 'this is how it was the whole time'. it's a new experience :)
then when we take our sit in the audience section. then i saw this pretty lady standing in front. i read Yuna's tweet saying that they've recorded it earlier. i was down but i just go with my gut and go to the recording. i can't believe my eyes that just a few steps away from Yuna!

i told you :)

the after that there's Estranged! :D the drummer is uber hawt! yup peeps! :D SO! though i didin't have his picture but still! :D

This one singer. sorry. i just don't know who you are. i don't know you're name :)
i just love her ensemble! :D

This is Bunkface! so funny and fan-friendly. is that even a word?
ouh well! 

the band is awesome! :D

There's other performance. i Think the one singing is an UiTM student. she's from the Faculty of Music i think. am not sure. but i recognize one of her friend though. he's an UiTM student.

Lastly there are Meet Uncle Hussein or better known as M.U.H :)
If i'm not mistaken the lead siger is hazama right?
but nubhan is taking over last night :)
arie went GaGa over him! :D
darn cute but not my cup of tea :)

after the recording we went to Candles and eat our tummy out! :D
chat bits of here and there :D
yup! that's my night :)
how about you? heeee~ :D


Monday, April 25, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

Calypso flutter top
$75 -

Miss Selfridge long sleeve crop top
5 GBP -

BDG high rise jeans
$58 -

Gucci shoes
$795 -

Reed Krakoff leather clutch
$990 -

Zoe Morgan silver jewelry
$119 -

Dorothy Perkins plastic jewelry
3.75 GBP -


Our World, Their War

written by the Queen, iera marhe
As we know, our world ia peaceful place to live in. How should we know that this one faithful day would be the end of this peacefulness of this Earth. Just imagine, you were at the counter of Golden Screen Cinema and in your minds you wanna watch some movies with your friends. You just flash your Ultimate Movie Card to enjoy some privilege of watching movies then something came down crashing on top of the other side of the mall. 

In front of your eyes, Optimus Prime is there battling the Decepticon with his fellow members!  This can't be happening. can it? 
You were out of breathe. You really don't know what to do. You look at your mates who wants to watch movie with you. You had an idea. You asked your friend for a phone and she asked who you wanna call? you said that you wanna called your best friend, your car. She was like jawdrop! Why in the world you wanna call your car? 
Your stupoo yellow Volkswagen Beetle. What she didn't know is that your car is one of the Autobots to save us! yes, The WORLD! 

Long story cut short, The AUTOBOTS win! :D (haha!)

If I was an Autobots, I would be Bumblebee and I would love to protect our beloved 'Mother Earth'! from the Decepticon because they are evil! :D

alright! why i like bumblebee and i think that i can save the world if i'm bumblebee?
  1. Bumblebee is awesomely cute! :D 
  2. Bumblebee is super close to his human friend which is Shia LeBouf in the movie thus i wanna be like that. Robots also have feelings you know! :D
  3. Autobots will win the battle because? the good party will always win at the end of the day!
    They've been fighting for like what? centuries? they always win! :D
  4. Decepticon maybe cool in a way and i always like bad guys but for the sake of my earth please autobots!
  5. Look at this. so cute!

ok. that is why i wanna be bumblebee! :D

back to the story earlier on, When you called your car, he didn't answer it. You start to freak out and alas you see your best friend is there battling one of the big2 Decepticon!

and at the end of the building you see some reflection on top of the building. you quickly grab your binoculars (dan2 je ade binocular! ;p)  and see this man?

you gasp. out of breathe! You start to reminisce what is this mess in your head?
Ah. now you remember, you are just an extra in a movie sets. sigh!
part time work. biaselah geng!

this is the set where you are working :D

Look at their determination. Just like me. You have to give me the ticket! :D  

The ROOMMATE! :D [Review]

Saturday, April 23, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well. my dearest bf is at his home town, seremban thus i'm here with my roommates :)

erm. just came back from Jusco Bukit Raja, our nearest movie theatre in Shah Alam. Yes. don't be surprise we don't have theatre here in Shah Alam. Poor us! sigh!

my roommate is treating me AGAIN. hahaha~ kering lah ujung2 sem ni and i dont know how she can keep that! i have to learn from her! :D

OK. i keep on swayed off track! sorry! :D

the point is i go and accompany her and her friend and she bought me the ticket. she wanna watch 'The Roommate'. i know it's kinda a psycho movie and definitely not my kind but since she's buying i lost my say! bahaha! :D anyhow thanks! :D

The Roommate Poster

before i proceed to the review, erm. all and all it was a good movie! nice story line but i believe that it's kinda like 'The Orphan'. do watch the movie?
erm, if you don't you better go and watch it! then you know what i mean. basically it's about you got a roommate and it turn out to be that she's a real psychopath! :D

horror, psycho, ghostly or combination of these 3 definitely not on my want-to-watch list but i just go and watch! hahaha! 

well, this post may contains spoiler so if you still wanna read please do :

Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews is a newbie in ULA. She was 'destined' to be the roomate og Leighton Meester who play Rebecca. The first night at the university Tracy proposed them to go to a fraternity party and there they've met CAM GIGANDET who play Stephen! :D yes. imma big fan of him since he did Burlesque! :D
ok. so stephen was like hooked up on sara since he first saw her and they been an item along the movie. so since then this rebecca is kinda like protecting Sara and get jealous and stuff. psycho! she is! :D

so. did the short paragraph intrigued you?
well, go and watch it! :D

there's no spoiler. i'm just kidding ;p


written by the Queen, iera marhe
 afternoon peeps! :D

Santai Bersama BEN ASHAARI

ok. so this is my first time joining any segment. so Big Brother Ben be kind to me ok? :D

anyhow. he asked us the newbies (;p) on a few questions which is ....

  1. Letak header ben ashaari blog
  2. Tajuk : BEN ASHAARI CARI BLOG LAH ! dan linkkan ke entri ini ..
  3. Satu soalan mudah .. Siapa yang mempengaruhi anda untuk membuat blog dan  Siapakah sumber inspirasi anda ? Buat dalam 100 patah perkataan , dalam 4 perenggan ..
  4. Tu je la eh.. ke nak aku tambah lagi ? hahaha ..

ok. so i already pasted the banner :)

the first question is : who influenced me? well, i started blogging back in 2008. with blogspot since then but byk kali tuka2 blog. then i found Xanga. left it. 2010 = found Tumblr. very2 hard to get readers so Started back on 2011 with a new ambition! hahaha~

2nd Question : my inspiration? :D
a lot! :D if you ever came across ami.sptnkswthrt she's my biggest influence. i really2 adore her! :D idk why. hm. she's amazing! maria elena, of course! :D my dearest friend, AlynnLynzay i try to post the link soon XD Big Brother Ben pon cz i i wanna get traffic like him! :(

yea. so that's it :)

Chasing The Blues

written by the Queen, iera marhe


Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

"Hey girls, do you have what it takes to be the next Malaysia's top female blogger2011? More details coming soon, this contest should be a fun way to show off your true personality and most importantly your blog & get a chance to win a great+ exclusive prize!!Feel free to spread the word around as every little bit helps, Thank You!! by Sandra Azwan"

just now when i was reading Yuyu Zulaikha's blog, i came across this one contest held by the ever dearest Sandra Azwan.
do u noe who is Sandra Azwan? go check out the blog! hehe~

so i am interested but do i have the x-factor he's looking for? hehe~

spread the word if you're reading this! :D

all credit went to Sandra Azwan :D

RIO! with hausmates! :D [WIWT]

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
After sending alllllllllllllllll assingment for this semester (sbnarnye ade 1 lg ;p), suddenly ili; my hausmate proposed that we shud go out and watch movie! and she's treating us all! :D :D 

thus! we siap2 and head on to the car and before we go........

a snap is not a sin right? ;p

so in the car the same thing happen.....

when we arrive at Jusco Bukit Raja, we went on and bought the ticket. Jalan punye jalan punye jalan masuk FOS. i found a deal!

3 pieces of clothing for RM11! :D

ok. so we went in the movies and i tell you Rio! was awesome! :D
eventhough we are the only ones without kids in hand to go and watched the movie! :D
but the movie is super awesome! :D

i really2 love Nico in the movie!
the yellow bird in the movie! :D

after the movie ended, we get to the car and go back home! :D

(sorry no body shots! only half mirror body shots! :D)

  • Top from OldBlossomBox
  • Basic Inner
  • Basic black chiffon scarf
  • VJ's black pants
  • Momoe's Bag (sister gift!)
  • Cotton On Black Flats!

i love them forever! <3

celebrate! :D

Monday, April 18, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
okay. so last nite was a night out with the people's :)

there was bby.daniel.wafee.kerie.madi.faey.e'in and the celebrated beeeeeee! :D

the whole thing wat planned by e'in himself. he mintak fik tolong and fik pon told me :D
erm.. so we went to mak hayam for dinner and waited for them where actually e'in already stop by fik's house to let him bring the cake. so we went there. :D

when everybody tehre we continue chitty chat and eat dinner :D
when the clock struck 12 .......

the cake arrived!

then.. what we did was! (hit play!)

ade laaaaaaaaaaaaa pulak adegan suap2 ni :D

zaharin haris mengaku dengan bangganya yg Robiatul Adawiyahlah penyeri hidupnya! :D (amek kau! hahahaha!)
then we went on to KARAOKE! :D

all in all happy birthday bee! :D


Saturday, April 16, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Hey Lovelies! :D

erm3! sorry for updating things lately! been uber busy! :(
finals are coming and assignments to be passed on. haihs! i'm goin cuckoo! :(

anyhow, since on friday we have a test.. it's a killer test mind you ;p
mme, love and friends went to McD to stay up and study :)

we went there around 12am and come back at 5oclock! :D
luckily i managed to wake up in the morning and alhamdulillah i think i can do the test berkat McD mlm tuh! hahaha~

since da mlm kan? so saya slekeh mekeh je ah.. mls kot! XD
si this is me! 

this is pajid! :D

this is what my bby eats at 4oclock! :D

ni kiteorg! :))

ok. actually we went there to study for passage to india! :D
it's a compulsory reading material for Literature and Media :O

i have to run to somewhere! updating again nnty! :D