i can have another you in a minute :)

Monday, January 25, 2010 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
what exactly does dis means to u?
someone to hold on to when you're down?
someone you can look up to when you're down?
someone u can surrender in their arms and just let the tears flow until it went dry?
what exactly friends means to u?
i've mingled kinda a lot..
i get most of the negative vibe all around me..
so what?
people say not everything is good..
but when it comes to me not everything is bad as its surrounding.
i've got kinda a lot of fwens..
but do they stick up to me?
they do..
some of them..
thnx for those who stick it up..
i love u guys by my hearts..
why is it hearts?
it's been broken down to pieces.
get the idea..

dear certain friends,
from the bottom of my heart, i would like to apologize for my own behavior.i understand where i stand and my position.if i ever break your heart i know i can't undo that by unbreaking it.there's always a reason why i did some stuff that u hate or make u feel pissed and for making u live ur life miserably.i did the things i've done because of i cant stand it much longer.i know i always put myself aside and fulfill ur wishes but this time i cant fulfill it anymore.i'm sick of being a stand-in.i'm sick of being next to u onli when u need me.i cant shake the fact that i hate u!

dear other certain friends :)
from the bottom of my ass u can go to hell as u go down with urself :)


rumah baru?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
lame en ta update..hahah..bukan ad org bace pon! :p
ieraa da pindah ruma baru..
ruma nye flat aje..
kat bawah manyak tikus ouh!!
so far so bad..!!
byk yg rosak2...
cz uma da lame tinggal en..
so byk laa yg defect nye..
ecimen da belambak2 just tinggal nk ciapkn je..
hence (amboi!) saya kinda busy lorh..

hari tu jumpe myiesha syg..
ouh! chumeyl nye~~
:( rindu myiesha dah..
bile auntie dpt jumpe myiesha nie :((

bby ku syg,..
happy becoming besday..