new face, new look, new style, new name :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well, everything is quite new :)

New Name
'someone' told me that i should change the name of me blog. i asked him the reason why? he won't tell. but alas i obeyed and changed~

hope that it will bring me a new change and wave as well :)

New Banner
Since there's changes in the name of the blog i changed the banner as well.
i just with the simplest that i can do :)
erm. i like that it way because simple and easy to remember!

New Background
YES! i changed it from somewhat heavy black to somewhat lighter and funkier! :)

all in all.... i'm still the same Queen who is speaking in a sense of a human and a girl who loves fashion, music, movies, lifestyle, events and whatever~~ :)

p/s: i score the chance to watch the première of Priest from Nuffnang :) guess who starred in the movie~~~

yes... it Cam Gigandet~~ :))