1st time trying new hijab style! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

ok. please dun runaway screaming 'alien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' on top of your lungs and move as far away from the pc/lappy/netbook/mac or whatever you're using.especially when you're using mobile phone. don't drop it! :)

eventually, i just wanna share the new hijab style i'm trying. :)
and look at the ring i'm wearing it's a small tiara fit snugly on my finger! :)

for that day, i was wearing Fatimah Amin's preloved blazer tuh, black tshirt and jeans :)
paired it up with the uber-ly overused Rubi black flats :)

recently, someone open my eyes to problems that we're having in the university politics atmosphere.
waah!.. pelajar mana boleh terlibat dgn politik?!

sape ckp takde???!! :)
u see. i don't really know about it as well but know it now! :D
i will try to make a special post about my opinion on the rising issue. yes it's rising! and not many know about it.

if i have posted the post, i will post the link to the post here.
before that, check out my lovely friend, eton's post about Malays that we keep on forgetting! :)
click here!

till then, :)

May Look Good in Pictures but Not in Reality (There's always Photoshop!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
this life aint supposed to be stagnant. its always have it's own ups and downs. this evening i was on the top of my life. finally winning a sweepstake! :) can u call that sweepstake??

i won a pair of tickets to the Nuffnang Première of Beastly! :)
hak3! :) i was rolling on the floor when i got the news this eve ;p

anyhow that's not the main reason of this blogpost!

i used to be careless about politics and stuff going on in the world. you see when you have this awakening like i received you'll be blessed to be awaken! (pening? hahahaha!)

when i was in school i used to think that University life is very easy and no need homework and beaten up by the teacher. you call your teacher lecturers and have this massive lecture in massive halls and many other typical university life shown on tv. but hey i was naive and i even dream about being an MPP. how ridiculous is that you may say. ;p it is ridiculous ip until today. hahaha! anyhow that's what i picture u-life would be. i always think that i would enrol in a private u like my sis. hehe!

only one thing is true in my head. i get to go to classes with my jeans and tops! :) that's the only thing! in my faculty, there's no massive lecture and massive classes! believe me, my class consist of 14 person and that includes me. hehe! i'm thankful enough because i love all of them and i hope they all love me! (to that specific 13 people, if you dont love me, you'll die! bahahahaha!). my faculty used to be a school and we currently 'tumpang'ing intec sdn.bhd. ;p

so u see, not everything in life and tv that you dreamed about be a true to you. life is just a dream within a dream but live the dream and indulge in it without forgetting that one day you'll wake up from the dream :)

Day 4 : My Parents! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Soorry that i've lost track on the challenge! this is because i've been to a camp in Sepang! :)

so back on the challenge!

Today, I'm gonna write about my parents! :)

so that's my parents :)

My dad is Mr.Marhe (pronounced as /mar-hi/) and my mom Mdm. Siti Suria! :)
After taking the test from petronas (huh? what test..this is the test! :])
i would give them a hug next time i see them. when is that? soon i hope!

being involved in kefajar make me uber bz! :( thus, mom and dad, wait for my return! :)


Monday, February 14, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
If I were a Beast given ONE chance to prove that I am worthy to be human again, I would...

try my very best to make the world a better place. Well, look at the world today. Enough with all the war, hunger, rage, famine and many other think we can think of. I know it may sound impossible but I believe in nothing is impossible. By working it one thing at a time i do believe that everything achievable :) For a dream like this, i really need tons of money and connections but i do believe in thing that they called love. I believe in love as much as i love chocolate down my throat ;p With a little bit of love and paying it forward, the world can be a better place. This effort must be done together and it can't work with just a person. I will try my very best. To love doesn't mean you have to have a good looking face you just have to have a good looking heart :)

I would like to be a princess as well! :) Well, not a beastly beast but hey a princess is still a princess :)

The reason of this post is this :


Nuffnang, please send me and my bf to the movies :)
I would love to go... :)

Day 3 : Your First Love

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

My First Love ae?

My first love is my family. Always Will :)

So that's my family. There's Daddy, Mummy. Sister, Me and Brother :)

We took this picture on the eid of 200? :))
This is before my sister's wedding.

It's a norm for me and sis to wear the same outfit for eid. we always wear the same but different in colour :)

So that's my first love :)

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

yup! dats my blog name. why you say?

you're not a Queen! You're not Big? Are you fake?

Most girls wanna be a princess but I wanna be a Queen :)
So I'm a Queen in my fake World of RawxinCha.
Thus I'm a fake Queen :)

This is just an alter ego of me. From previous post you can see who i am. the real me. but here you see i'm trying to run way from my real life for a second just to keep me sane.

Plus, in here; this blog, I am the queen, the webmistress and many other :)

I guess that's it for today. I'll post he next one tomorrow! :)

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Monday, February 7, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

SO here i'm back again to do the challenge!

it's day 1 :)

recent picture!

My name is Marheerah Marhe. I'm 21 years old :)
Currently juggling between 3 cities = Melaka, Shah Alam and Johor Bharu :)
I am a Part 4 student of B.Ed TESL :)
I have someone, the one that i called my one and only :)

yup. he's the One :)

So interesting facts about me! :)
  1. I love listening to songs and sings but I can't really bring myself to sing in public.
  2. I easily get mad for no apparent reasons but I tend to feel guilty afterwards. :(
  3. It's easy for me to feel shoved away :(
  4. Respect me and I'll respect you back and I apply this to many others :)
  5. I just love to shop
  6. I'm a FREAK! yap. it breaks my heart if you ever call me that but at least i admit :)
  7. I am a wannabe!
  8. I'm Greedy. Money can never satisfy me >:)
  9. I'm Fickle
  10. I've changed. I'm not someone I've been before :)
  11. I can't speak BM formally. I can but it will sound funny :))
  12. I love to eat!
  13. I can't take pictures straight ahead. I have to tilt my head! :)
  14. I have a thing with babies! :)
  15. I'm just a normal human being :))
it takes me such a long time to list the 15 interesting things! as i read back i don't even think its interesting! :))
so dat's for today! :)

i'll post the next challenge tomorrow! :)

What's In My Bag? :)

written by the Queen, iera marhe
Based on this post I read at the ever sweet sis Ami Schaheera's blog :)

So this is in my bag and the bag that I'm using today :)

So, except from the books that i tossed in the bag as well, this is the basic things i bring in my bag everyday! :)

  • The Purse is a Hermes Inspired :) - The main reasons of using a bag. ngee!
  • The Planner : Bought at MPH :) - So that I aint forgetting things :)
  • Watson's Wet Tissue - Just in case things got messy and sticky. [Suddenly it sounds so wrong! :))]
  • Student I.D! :) - discounts!! :))
  • RayBan inspired! shade! - There's always sun! :)
  • Make Up Pouch! :) - Will explain on that later on! :)
  • Lastly - The bag itself, a LV-inspired bag :)
Didn't I tell u i'm a big fake queen?! :)
SOme of my 'friends'(?) told me that :

'kau tak malu ke pki brg2 tipu ni? tak malu! takde duwet buat care takde duwet laaaa!! :|'

They may think like that but hey i'm just a student, i didn't do part time jobs eventhough i have an online boutique of my own (customer blom lekat :| ). i can't afford to spend big bucks of my parents money on things i like (eventhough i did! :p but not that much on A thing kn?? ). i love it with my own money though! :) so for now, i just fake things. I just don't care! :)

In the pouch, i put my very2 basic make up regime! :)

So in the pouch :
  • Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder : cuz i'm a baby! hahaha! :)
  • Mentholatum LipGloss : I had this for years! :)
  • Lobello Classic LipBalm : I love this especially when i have a-VERY-dry-lips-day! the wax is very rich!
  • Nivea Star Fruits LipBalm : I love this because of the red tint. Tapayah bli lipstick. hahahaha! (kedek? :)) ) but i still prefer Rose from StarFruits! :)
  • The Skin Food Black Bean Eye Line Pencil : Murah dan best!
  • PINS! :) we never know what will happen! :)
So.that's it! That's what in my bag everyday! :)
Guys always ask why girls need such a big bag whereas girls would say what can you put in such a small bag??
i can't use small bag. my purse can't fit in one! bahahahahah! :)

Sis ami tagged her readers so do me!
Hey you readers, i wanna see what's in your bag too. so that i noe i'm not the only one who carry a bunch of things around :)

Before that, the main thing in the bag is :

my ever lovely phone. Though i love that much but i think i wanna change! hik2! nk duwet?! :))

PART3! :) -- Sepulangannya Dari Pulau Pangkor! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
fuh! siyes penat gle pas balik :)
sampai je kat shah alam.. we part ways :(
it was sad! then fik ckp : 'anep mintak tolong antar die.tp nk g mkn dlu'
anep pon ckp : 'kite g mkn kat kedai mak ayam laaa! kat pdg jawa!'
then off we go!

upon arriving, we were greeted by the owner :)
he's opening up a boutique in Plaza Masalam Seksyen 9 :)
when it opens i will update all of you :)

The food is AWESOME! :)
must try menu : LIMAU MADU! :)

while waiting Kamal, Ari and the others came too. :)
then we off from the shop :)
spent the nite at aisyah's! :)

the next day went to seremban and Fik's family sent me home :)

Then, stay at home. leisurely without ever thinking about my assignments! :))
my assignment was MY GF is A GUMIHO :)
tu pon ta abes ag.. grrrr! :(

on saturday, myiesha came with me sister and BIL :)
sunday da kne balik! :(

On sunday! The journey start at 1030 in the morning. Arrived at Seremban around 1pm :(
stay at Dunkin Donuts for like half an hour to 45minutes :)
And the journey to Shah Alam begins! :)

Arrived in Shah Alam around 5 :)
went around2 with diddy and fik for a while!
mkn lagi kat kedai mak ayam :)

then balik :)

Fuhh.. :D

paaaaaaaart-----2! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so here's the part 2 of the story... this post is all about .......


on the morning of the 30th, me, fik and faey set off to induk in order to board a bus to pangkor. yes. pangkor.
it's not that we were going for fun. there's a course. it's called 'Destini Kenegaraan'. I prefer to called it mini-BTN :)
you will know why. Anyhow, we were listed in different bus so the 3 of us went separate ways. thnx to modern technology we still keep in touch.(mcm jauh sgt je terpisah! bahahahah!)

when i board my bus, i was looking for 2 vacant seat for myself but all taken! so i made my not-so-sweet face, i asked 'Kosong ke?' (efaa : teehee~~) and she said yes. She started conversation and she's friendly :) not long after the bus started to move we fell asleep.

the bus stop at Kuala Selangor, so me, faey and fik ate Ayamas meal. The staff maybe not used to a crowd hence the service quite bad. Forgiven i guess! Then after that, we were on our way to jeti Lumut! :)

During the trip, the driver played 2 movies. It's called 'Aku Masih Dara' and 'NGANGKUNG!' Want me to put up the review? Nntylaaaa ok?

So during both movies, me and efa talked a lot! sorta clicked with each other too. When we reach the island after 45minutes of ferry riding experience, we were asked to find our 'chalet-mate'. me and faey don't know where to go and we said well, dok kat depanlaaa ek? and we go. tgk2 jumpe efa and eton! together with nasik and _____ [sory, i forgot your name love :( ] then 2 more coming but the move on because they wanna stay with their friends so they swap their places with tino and watip! not very long the 8 of us clicked through! :) we were divided to groups later on. me faey and watip were on the same group but not the rest though. if i'm not mistaken efa, tino and eton were on the same group. :)

the days went by and before we know it, it's over! :(
sad to say, we have to leave pangkor. before we know it it's over but the friendship is not over! NEVER! :)

on the ferry, me and fikri decided not to sit on the sit provided. we decided to hangout on the deck instead. it was a hell of a photo session! :)
ntah sape2 je punye camera. jnji gmba masuk kn? 45minutes of fame! :))

gmba nnty update ok? i promise! for now lets indulge in words. i will edit this post later on.

ok.part1 :)

Friday, February 4, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so on the 30th, once again i dragged my lovely2 bf and friend (arep. thats u ;p) to another bazaar! :)

well, it's situated in plaza alam sentral! :) so near! i feel like it's a lost if i didn't go to the bazaar u now what i mean? :)
so, in a short manner i WENT to the bazaar and met aisyah and
fatimah amin!!

upon arriving i 'tawaf' (you know what tawaf means right?) the place for like 3 times i made up my mind. i'm gonna buy something from the booth. i dont care!!! >:)

so i did buy something!
it's a sailor inspired cropped jacket with a cutesy chocolate belt :)

me likey2! :)

and i have worn them! :)

actually, i have to do my assignments now but i'm cheating away by blogging. it's all for you readers eventhough currently i aint have one ;p :)

will write part 2 later on! :)