what will happen if ...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
if tomorrow never come. what will you do?

currently i'm listening to this song. such a classic. cube tanye budak2 skang ni tau tak lagu ni? saya batch the 90's of course tau lagu ni. hik3. so, while listening to this song, i'm thinking to myself what will happen if tomorrow never come? at the end of the song he said that..
'tell that someone that you love what you're thinking of if tomorrow never come.'
truth to be told i really don't know what to do since i never know whether its coming or not. hahaha~ cliché? yes. that is why the elderly would say that please do stack up your ibadat as long as you can. now i feel that this writing is going to be somehow related to our religion. i'm not the right person to write this. you can seek to the rightful person. :)

so the song ended and now daniel beddingfield is singing 'If You're Not the One' in my ear directly to my brain. i really love his voice and i do love his sister as well. Natasha Beddingfield. yes the one who sing the song in the shampoo commercial tuh :) both of them have beautiful voice~ *drool*

Now! Imran Ajmain is singing! This song is quite old. it's called 'Sudah Tu Sudah'. this song is very catchy! i love this song to bits kot! somehow i feel that they have a message that is not-so-subtle :)
i can't comment on anything else! The next song on my playlist is also Imran Ajmain's Seribu Tahun! *drool*
Somehow i feel that these 2 of Imran Ajmain's song can be turned into a ballad you know. The language is beautiful. Very THE tau! :D

ok. the reason behind this post is actually i'm waiting for the download to finished. the pack contain my responsibility for me to finish it up :D

thanks for reading people! [random]