Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
hey there:) as i browsing my tumblr just now, i found one challenge that for me seems so interesting!! VIDEO CHALLENGE!! all i have to do is record the challenge and post it here!  

1. Your full name and tumblr url.
2. What is in your bag ? 
3. Tour of your bedroom
4. Say five things that begin with the first letter of your name
5. Go to your refrigerator and pick out 5 things you like
6. Give your opinion on three topics of your choice
7. Dreams & Ambitions.
8. Make a video with a friend.
9.. Tell us three things you like about yourself and three thing you don’t
10. Tell us about your favourite band/artist.
11. Favourite drink, food, number, colour ? 
12. Favourite boys name & favourite girls name

ni laaa jadahnye jika da lame terpakse meninggalkan blog kesayangan! :D
amek kau,, berduyun2 post smalaman! :D

ape2 pon. i'll try to do this! :D