perginya seorang teman & the most hectic day i've been through & weekend with CINONET & MEXLS

Friday, April 1, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
susah betol aku nk abes kan post ni. so you see this is a combination of posts and it's been here in the draft for soooo long since i'm dead for the week and weeks to come! :D

first post - perginya seorang teman (Thursday)

referring to this post (pray for her), i'm sad to say that she's gone and everything's done on Friday, 10a.m in Melaka. it's a loss folks. she's a good friend, a nice girl, a very nice and taat muslim. this post may be so short because i known you for like a few months and seen you once in a while but i'll treasure the memories that we had. i'm kinda clueless on what to write. please pray for her :)

second post - the most hectic day in my life 'SO FAR' (Thursday)

so, i have my first microteaching the other day! haha. to those in education line know what exactly microteaching is. for you guys outhere, microteaching is like a simulation of teaching. haaaaaaa! it carries 30% at that what makes me so damn nervous! :D
alhamdulillah. eventhough it's not as good as my other friends but i thank god i did ok :)

then during lunch time, i have a test. mandarin test! :D
make 5 questions based on the picture given. alhamdulillah passed that as well :D
xiexie ni laoshi! :D

when the night fall - i have my final HKB 115 performance! aiyorh~ made mistakes here and there~
i suck big time! sorry fellas! :(
but erm.. i have a good time :) that's enough for me! :D

so you see.. there are 3 assessments i have to go through in a day. aish! i made through it with His help :D

third post - weekend with CINONET!

basically on friday everything is fine! :D alhamdulillah. i can breathe for a while!
on saturday i have a lift from mom back to grandpa's house. there's a bit of a kenduri :)

met the little girl.. chatterbox! :D miss her already! :) looking forward to meet her again!

fourth post! - MEXLS!

(fuuh! penat pulun!) today! we had an exhibition! :D the expo is all about teaching aids! :D
yep! me and my team made a maze and from this aid we can teach the students about directions!
the best thing is we used recycled items! it's fun and super tiring!
the aid is huge! :D
hehe! :D here are a few pictures..
please excuse my kepoh face! :D

ok. the first picture is when i was explaining to my lecturer about the aid that we produce :D
yes. the one in blue is my lecturer! Mdm. Marina :)

i told you. please mind my kepoh face! :D