cubaan di

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
teehee~~ ade 2 post ye kawan2 mlm ni ;p

just read a retweet from ami.sptnkswthrt :) saying that hanie.hidayah is doing a giveaway so i'm just trying my luck. she said that
"most creative photo with my blog URL ( in it and I will shortlist 10 of your photos on my blog and I will give you one dress that I bought for one lucky blog reader from Bangkok (yes, I owe Bangkok post heheh) and it's a brand new dress summore lah okay! hahah" (quote from her webby :])
ok.. so.......

here are my photos!

not so creative...
'caption : eyes on the prize honey/hanie... eyes on the prize!'

quite creative!
'caption : salute to the fashion (erm.fill in the blanks?)'

the most creative masterpiece of all time!!! :D
'caption : maybe i can speak French with the moustache on ;p '

ok. so i'm not that creative.... :(
hm. even so i would love to win win win! XD