Our World, Their War

Monday, April 25, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
As we know, our world ia peaceful place to live in. How should we know that this one faithful day would be the end of this peacefulness of this Earth. Just imagine, you were at the counter of Golden Screen Cinema and in your minds you wanna watch some movies with your friends. You just flash your Ultimate Movie Card to enjoy some privilege of watching movies then something came down crashing on top of the other side of the mall. 

In front of your eyes, Optimus Prime is there battling the Decepticon with his fellow members!  This can't be happening. can it? 
You were out of breathe. You really don't know what to do. You look at your mates who wants to watch movie with you. You had an idea. You asked your friend for a phone and she asked who you wanna call? you said that you wanna called your best friend, your car. She was like jawdrop! Why in the world you wanna call your car? 
Your stupoo yellow Volkswagen Beetle. What she didn't know is that your car is one of the Autobots to save us! yes, The WORLD! 

Long story cut short, The AUTOBOTS win! :D (haha!)

If I was an Autobots, I would be Bumblebee and I would love to protect our beloved 'Mother Earth'! from the Decepticon because they are evil! :D

alright! why i like bumblebee and i think that i can save the world if i'm bumblebee?
  1. Bumblebee is awesomely cute! :D 
  2. Bumblebee is super close to his human friend which is Shia LeBouf in the movie thus i wanna be like that. Robots also have feelings you know! :D
  3. Autobots will win the battle because? the good party will always win at the end of the day!
    They've been fighting for like what? centuries? they always win! :D
  4. Decepticon maybe cool in a way and i always like bad guys but for the sake of my earth please autobots!
  5. Look at this. so cute!

ok. that is why i wanna be bumblebee! :D

back to the story earlier on, When you called your car, he didn't answer it. You start to freak out and alas you see your best friend is there battling one of the big2 Decepticon!

and at the end of the building you see some reflection on top of the building. you quickly grab your binoculars (dan2 je ade binocular! ;p)  and see this man?

you gasp. out of breathe! You start to reminisce what is this mess in your head?
Ah. now you remember, you are just an extra in a movie sets. sigh!
part time work. biaselah geng!

this is the set where you are working :D

Look at their determination. Just like me. You have to give me the ticket! :D