The ROOMMATE! :D [Review]

Saturday, April 23, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well. my dearest bf is at his home town, seremban thus i'm here with my roommates :)

erm. just came back from Jusco Bukit Raja, our nearest movie theatre in Shah Alam. Yes. don't be surprise we don't have theatre here in Shah Alam. Poor us! sigh!

my roommate is treating me AGAIN. hahaha~ kering lah ujung2 sem ni and i dont know how she can keep that! i have to learn from her! :D

OK. i keep on swayed off track! sorry! :D

the point is i go and accompany her and her friend and she bought me the ticket. she wanna watch 'The Roommate'. i know it's kinda a psycho movie and definitely not my kind but since she's buying i lost my say! bahaha! :D anyhow thanks! :D

The Roommate Poster

before i proceed to the review, erm. all and all it was a good movie! nice story line but i believe that it's kinda like 'The Orphan'. do watch the movie?
erm, if you don't you better go and watch it! then you know what i mean. basically it's about you got a roommate and it turn out to be that she's a real psychopath! :D

horror, psycho, ghostly or combination of these 3 definitely not on my want-to-watch list but i just go and watch! hahaha! 

well, this post may contains spoiler so if you still wanna read please do :

Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews is a newbie in ULA. She was 'destined' to be the roomate og Leighton Meester who play Rebecca. The first night at the university Tracy proposed them to go to a fraternity party and there they've met CAM GIGANDET who play Stephen! :D yes. imma big fan of him since he did Burlesque! :D
ok. so stephen was like hooked up on sara since he first saw her and they been an item along the movie. so since then this rebecca is kinda like protecting Sara and get jealous and stuff. psycho! she is! :D

so. did the short paragraph intrigued you?
well, go and watch it! :D

there's no spoiler. i'm just kidding ;p