Saturday, April 16, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Hey Lovelies! :D

erm3! sorry for updating things lately! been uber busy! :(
finals are coming and assignments to be passed on. haihs! i'm goin cuckoo! :(

anyhow, since on friday we have a test.. it's a killer test mind you ;p
mme, love and friends went to McD to stay up and study :)

we went there around 12am and come back at 5oclock! :D
luckily i managed to wake up in the morning and alhamdulillah i think i can do the test berkat McD mlm tuh! hahaha~

since da mlm kan? so saya slekeh mekeh je ah.. mls kot! XD
si this is me! 

this is pajid! :D

this is what my bby eats at 4oclock! :D

ni kiteorg! :))

ok. actually we went there to study for passage to india! :D
it's a compulsory reading material for Literature and Media :O

i have to run to somewhere! updating again nnty! :D