OldBlossomBox visits and buying and rants! :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i went out again!

hahaha! hm. before anything.... i lost my rm50 the other day. sigh!
naseb baek mmg da simpan duwet for my 'OBB' trip.

let me say this.... actually i bought the coupon from milk-a-deal the other day so i must go and buy some stuff from OBB today even mmg sah2 tgh kering gileee! :(

hm. let it pass laaaa :)

all and all~~~

went to OBB with my usual companion! arep and the ever deary Fikri. today we have a special companion 'RAZWA!' :)

bought a top from Old Blossom Box for KeFaJar dinner but sadly the dinner was postponed to next semester! :( takpelaaaa. nk wat cane kn? :p

so we went there and OMG things were awesome! :D

bought a top (as mentioned above)

i met jezmine! :D (she replied my tweet!)

Old Blossom Box is one hell of a shop! such a cutie! :D

can i work there over my 4-month break? ;p (i'm dead serious! haha~)

after we got down from zee shop..... we went for.....

courtesy of ariffuddin of course~ :D

haha! :D we have a whale of a time! then..... we went to KFC pulak! (byknye mkn!)
we went there for some drinks je actually and Fik met few of his friends there as well :D
and for some reasons one of his friends is celebrating his birthday today so he spare us some cakes. am sorry cz the cake finished in a flash :D

btw... yesterday was arif's birthday! :D
sing for him people! :D