RIO! with hausmates! :D [WIWT]

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
After sending alllllllllllllllll assingment for this semester (sbnarnye ade 1 lg ;p), suddenly ili; my hausmate proposed that we shud go out and watch movie! and she's treating us all! :D :D 

thus! we siap2 and head on to the car and before we go........

a snap is not a sin right? ;p

so in the car the same thing happen.....

when we arrive at Jusco Bukit Raja, we went on and bought the ticket. Jalan punye jalan punye jalan masuk FOS. i found a deal!

3 pieces of clothing for RM11! :D

ok. so we went in the movies and i tell you Rio! was awesome! :D
eventhough we are the only ones without kids in hand to go and watched the movie! :D
but the movie is super awesome! :D

i really2 love Nico in the movie!
the yellow bird in the movie! :D

after the movie ended, we get to the car and go back home! :D

(sorry no body shots! only half mirror body shots! :D)

  • Top from OldBlossomBox
  • Basic Inner
  • Basic black chiffon scarf
  • VJ's black pants
  • Momoe's Bag (sister gift!)
  • Cotton On Black Flats!

i love them forever! <3