Muzik2 Recording With Yuna, Bunkface, M.U.H and many more! :D

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe

The other day i saw this commercial on TV3 where they are recording performances for the show since i was a kid Muzik-Muzik! :D i went there with this bunch :)


so. i decided to go since there are YUNA! yes YUNA! :D super excited! :D
so me and my friends went to Plaza Alam Sentral or we UiTM-ers called it PAS :)
me being the Super-Noob baru tau yg Sri Pentas 2 tuh kat atas! :D mind me~

so we went there and the moment I enter the studio i was 'this is how it was the whole time'. it's a new experience :)
then when we take our sit in the audience section. then i saw this pretty lady standing in front. i read Yuna's tweet saying that they've recorded it earlier. i was down but i just go with my gut and go to the recording. i can't believe my eyes that just a few steps away from Yuna!

i told you :)

the after that there's Estranged! :D the drummer is uber hawt! yup peeps! :D SO! though i didin't have his picture but still! :D

This one singer. sorry. i just don't know who you are. i don't know you're name :)
i just love her ensemble! :D

This is Bunkface! so funny and fan-friendly. is that even a word?
ouh well! 

the band is awesome! :D

There's other performance. i Think the one singing is an UiTM student. she's from the Faculty of Music i think. am not sure. but i recognize one of her friend though. he's an UiTM student.

Lastly there are Meet Uncle Hussein or better known as M.U.H :)
If i'm not mistaken the lead siger is hazama right?
but nubhan is taking over last night :)
arie went GaGa over him! :D
darn cute but not my cup of tea :)

after the recording we went to Candles and eat our tummy out! :D
chat bits of here and there :D
yup! that's my night :)
how about you? heeee~ :D