Saturday, April 23, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
 afternoon peeps! :D

Santai Bersama BEN ASHAARI

ok. so this is my first time joining any segment. so Big Brother Ben be kind to me ok? :D

anyhow. he asked us the newbies (;p) on a few questions which is ....

  1. Letak header ben ashaari blog
  2. Tajuk : BEN ASHAARI CARI BLOG LAH ! dan linkkan ke entri ini ..
  3. Satu soalan mudah .. Siapa yang mempengaruhi anda untuk membuat blog dan  Siapakah sumber inspirasi anda ? Buat dalam 100 patah perkataan , dalam 4 perenggan ..
  4. Tu je la eh.. ke nak aku tambah lagi ? hahaha ..

ok. so i already pasted the banner :)

the first question is : who influenced me? well, i started blogging back in 2008. with blogspot since then but byk kali tuka2 blog. then i found Xanga. left it. 2010 = found Tumblr. very2 hard to get readers so Started back on 2011 with a new ambition! hahaha~

2nd Question : my inspiration? :D
a lot! :D if you ever came across ami.sptnkswthrt she's my biggest influence. i really2 adore her! :D idk why. hm. she's amazing! maria elena, of course! :D my dearest friend, AlynnLynzay i try to post the link soon XD Big Brother Ben pon cz i i wanna get traffic like him! :(

yea. so that's it :)