celebrate! :D

Monday, April 18, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
okay. so last nite was a night out with the people's :)

there was bby.daniel.wafee.kerie.madi.faey.e'in and the celebrated beeeeeee! :D

the whole thing wat planned by e'in himself. he mintak fik tolong and fik pon told me :D
erm.. so we went to mak hayam for dinner and waited for them where actually e'in already stop by fik's house to let him bring the cake. so we went there. :D

when everybody tehre we continue chitty chat and eat dinner :D
when the clock struck 12 .......

the cake arrived!

then.. what we did was! (hit play!)

ade laaaaaaaaaaaaa pulak adegan suap2 ni :D

zaharin haris mengaku dengan bangganya yg Robiatul Adawiyahlah penyeri hidupnya! :D (amek kau! hahahaha!)
then we went on to KARAOKE! :D

all in all happy birthday bee! :D