The first day with MyFi~ :D

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Hello everyone~ :D

I'm very sorry but i really mean to update yesterday but sadly I forgot! Am so sorry!

To make it up to you, I'm gonna share my day, i mean my whole day! with MyFi.. mcm MyVi pulaks~ :"D

Eventually, the name is MiFi but since I got it for my own use i would call it MyFi because it's my WiFi!

So this is my bag and guess what is in it? Ordinary stuff like books, car keys, house keys, purse, and other stuffs. Do you see an Egyptian pouch in my bag there? right under the car key? see? 

Yup! That is the pouch! Look below to see what's inside the pouch! :D

taaadaaaaaa~~ :D

How practical this can be? :D Having your own WiFi everywhere you go is a blessing! :D With the MX230, I can connect up to 8 devices on the go! How practical can that be.

Don't you worry about your MiFi line is being nabbed by other people who sucked dry free WiFi!

Based on the P1 website, those who should get MiFi is those who :

  • The gadgets lovers – those who own smart phones, laptops and/or tablets and always want to connect all of them at the same time 
  • The nomads – those who work from multiple locations and need to connect their WiFi devices to the Internet
  • The saving seekers – those who want to save a great deal from having multiple mobile Internet plans
I think I belong in more than 1 category :) haha~

Intrigued and Interested?

Head over to P1 website now! :D