the same feeling

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
well, not many know that Chixbeaut Haus! is mine. My own baby.

yep~ i used to sell the pre-order Korean clothes and stuff but i succumb to my defeat. it's not about competition but it's because of i cannot stand my failure. i wasn't holding on. I give up on it too easily. i try my very best to push chixbeaut out there but hence no luck at that time.

i stand down to the ground and decided to open it again when i finished my degree or some sort. then i get to know Miss Jezmine. she asked me once on why i didn't continue in selling stuff i told her my reason and ever since she keeps on pushing me to be back. though didn't really push but everytime she 'hit' me, it gets me thinking.

then the friendship bracelets trend started to come by when The-Man-Repeller coined the term ArmCandy. I didn't know bout this until AmiSchaheera keeps on instagram-ming her armcandy of the day. i look and think i used to do this too but a little different. i like to wear boho kinda like bangles yg byk tuh~

Jezmine coax me to do this bracelets and eventually i am having fun doing them. I revived my baby from the deep sleep. :)

After 2 weeks of no customer showing up interest, i feel like giving up again. i don't know i just feel so. then i realise this is the exact time i gave up before i cannot give up again! Hence, i keep on braceleting - what i like to called it. well, as i'm writing this i'm having sore fingers for pulling the thread tightly. we must sacrifice if we want to earn something right?

i need to be stronger than before. i have to.