Confidence is key they said~

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Confidence is the main thing in life. Confidence brings us to places we can never imagine. The thing is that not everyone has it. Limitation is being set by yourself to yourself.  Seriously. I've been dealing with confidence with my whole life. Sometimes it's high on the rise and sometimes deeper than sea.

Being in love with fashion makes me feel comfortable (at times) with my own skin. Why I say at times? This is because not every outfit will cover you perfectly. Some makes you look fat, make you look too skinny, make you feel uneasy and many other feelings.

Sometimes, confidence brings me trouble. I've been hated for almost the rest of my schooling years for having a high confidence level. Since I used to be an ugly duckling living in a sea of swan, I do believe that no boys would like me, they only like the pretty ones. This is why during those days I've developed a face that people will call the Bongkak face.

On the surface, it seems that I don't really care and it seems like I own the ice heart. Deep down nobody knows how I feel really is. 

In life, I hold on to the words 'Those who knows you, knows you'. This keeps me going every single day without looking back. Because only those who knows you, know who you really are. This keeps my confidence high up whenever I feel down to the ground. Everybody can shake my confidence off me but I will build it back. 

The picture here doesn't really seem to relate but I like the words~ 
(image courtesy of pakcik google~)

Till then, fellas~