Monday, July 9, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
since i've been swamped with assignment here and there, i've no time to write here. i know somehow it's the same lame excuse but erm.. that's what happen to me really.

part 6 treated me badly.
juggling between work, life, assignment, drama and craps is a hard work~
but hey must we fret over small things?
they say small bumps on the road mustn't get you all down.
though part 6 is a huge BUMP and bum still i'm doing fine.

there must be silver lining in every events. hence, thoughout part 6 a lot of wonderful thing happen to me as well~~

among them :

  • i got to know this wonderful person by the name of Didiyana Ehsan~ she used to intern at our beloved OBB~ without a hitch we've been friends since.
  • recently, 3 wonderful girls joined our team apart from Jezmine, Kay and the big boss, Debab~ uber awesome girls; nasquinn, sara and izzati.
this is Sara and me~ btw Sara is the owner of BragBridget. check her store~

this is Didiyana and of course Nasquin~

izzati with the Wardah Ladies~ :D
  • the Levi'sXOldBlossomBox workshop also ubercoolio~
  • Old Blossom Box 'Once Upon A Dream' Raya Fashion Show was a blast.. i don't think i'll be able to forget it. Wonderful experience indeed~
  • the chance to meet an idol of mine :D a super duper huge thanks to Jezmine Zaidan for giving me the opportunity~
  • AZYA BAZAAR! how can i forget this! though i literally swept off my feet still feels awesome!
  • the birthday dinner with zee girls~~

there's a lot of fun things happening to me despite the fact i'm all low and worn out due to assignments and stuff!

it seems my part 6 isn't so bad after all~

*all pictures are nabbed from Jezmine's, Nasquinn's and Izzati's instagram~*