fears and frustration

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
This love affair between you and I
Do you think it’s worth the try
Hearts to be broken
I wonder if you do this often
You occupy my mind all day and night
I think of things to say to do
What we should do to keep this alive

You love sending chills up my spine
Depending on it most of the time
But for you I’m just an ordinary girl
But you bumped into
Hoping I’ll leave you
Within a month or two

Fears and frustration galore
I’ll never understand you
I’ll never be the girl you long for
I’ll never be the hand you want to hold

And if we go back in time
Would you still be the same person
I’d do it all over again I’ll try to make you mine

We spent so much time
Looking into each others’ eyes
Looking into each others’ lies
Overlooking reality
I’m feeding on high expectations and happy endings
We were high above the ground or was it just me?
I’ll pull myself out of this confusion
I never meant to be an intrusion
But for you I’m nothing more but just a phase

 (Chorus x2)