RM35 vacation to anywhere!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
-disclaimer : actually i forgot to post this post ;p and it was written years ago but enjoy-

so the sem already started and the work starts piling up.yes.it feels so heavy and not very pleasant.

on my twitter timeline many tweeted saying that they "need vacation but no time and need to save up money.not just them.me too.especially when the groupon mails came in and the vacation to thailand, krabi, bali and soo many others i cant even ignore!

in order to get the vacation you have to be emotionally connected to your vacation. why i say this because you really got to have the connection to really indulge in your trip.

during the long break, i've been to Afghanistan and the an imaginary place.... i also went to the House of Holes (gasp!)

the best thing about all of the vacation i took cost me around RM35 :) yep. MALAYSIAN RINGGIT 35


if that's your expression then yes please believe me. i did go there ;)

you want the answer?

the answer is pick up a book and read.that is why you have to be emotionally connected to the book and lwt your imagination fly up soaring to the moon.

i did went to Afghanistan during the break.i went there Khaled Hosseini. he wrote the book entitled A Thousand Splendid Sun. its all about the struggle of 2 women in who belong in different zone but meet up in some ways and together they trying to find a way out. its so moving! i read it from an ebook i installed in my phone and it was just as moving. i believe that if i have the actual book i might be crying at the end of the book. it was soooooo awesome. not was i guess more like it IS awesome!

If you are really want to know how women was treated in Afghanistan please read. If you think that you've been degraded or anything similar read this book and i believe that you will have this connection with the 2 women in the book. i have maybe because of empathy :)

you will too.

will post more on the other books nanti okey?