Broga :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
it was a very crazy week for me. all of my routine were jumbled up and life is a messed from that moment on. my sister is in town so i dropped everything and i mean everything to spend some time with her and my niece :)

i will do another entry about my niece. this is about BROGA baby! yep! the ever famous Broga Hill

truth to be told, i'm not the person who up for challenges like going up a hill, hurdling down a cave and other stuff. when mr. boyfie ask me and a friend of mine to go to Broga, we went berserk and really2 wanna go.

so at 4 a.m in the morning, we start our way from Shah Alam to Semenyih by car :)
it takes about an hour almost 2. it's road to the hill is quite tricky and scary at the same time.

around 5 in the morning, the journey start!

What you need in hiking up the hill :
  • appropriate attire - during my trip, i'm so NOT wearing the appropriate attire!
  • good hiking shoe. a normal shoe would be fine but it will slippery :)
  • torch lights! - i got mine before the hike begin. they sell light at the beginning of the trail. kinda pricey though. you'll be better to bring your own
  • last but not least ENERGY and STAMINA! - the ultimate weapon which i don't have! :))
on the hike, i was able to reach the first base. it was a big achievement for me! though only the first base.

when i reach the first base, this is the view..
captured by the so not awesome camera of mine! :(

i swear when I reach the first base alone i feel like all of my problems kinda disappear from my mind. actually i feel a little bit bumped out because of me, mr.boyfie couldn't go up until the 3rd base so i'm kinda sad. still, the sadness doesn't really make me feel overwhelmed with it.

forgot to mention, the trip members were :

Mr. Boyfie :)

The ever dearest Aisyah

and of course, Me :D
yep :)

if you really want a getaway, wake up in the morning and hike up this Broga Hill in Semenyih.
i don't know whether i want to go again or not. Still i'm still pondering on it :)