an awesome P1 experience ahead of me! :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Last Tuesday, me and the ever dearest TK who accompanied me in taking trip down to Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya with 2 missions to be completed!

The first mission is to pick up the new MiFi device from P1 who is very kind enough to give me the opportunity in trying out the device! Here we have a 2 way agreement with you! Yes, i will try it out and will let you know about how awesome it is! I try to update it on real time basis! Follow my twitter where i will update it there! :D

ni laaa TK nye!. masa ni dia fefeeling ngn bag P1 tuh. sama colour katanyah! :D

So this is the device. basically it gives you the privilege of having your own WiFi everywhere! that is why it's called MiFi! /mai-fai/ haha~ :D

The best part of the bag is this! This goodies P1 gave me! Thank you p1. i don't know how I'm using the little to thank you enough for this. as I'm typing this, I'm using the USB light P1 included in the goodie bag! it's soooo useful! haha~ 

After we've finished the business, the we head over the USJ Summit in Subang USJ :D I'm gonna go and get my books at Bookalicious! yep. as the name suggest the books there is bookalicious! XDthough the price cannot go down like BookXcess but it's worth it too. At least we have another book shop to go to! :D

I didn't manage to capture few photos at bookalicious. the next time i"m there i will definitely give some insights to you ok? :D

TK was so kind to treat me chatime drink XD thank you love..