What's In My Bag? :)

Monday, February 7, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
Based on this post I read at the ever sweet sis Ami Schaheera's blog :)

So this is in my bag and the bag that I'm using today :)

So, except from the books that i tossed in the bag as well, this is the basic things i bring in my bag everyday! :)

  • The Purse is a Hermes Inspired :) - The main reasons of using a bag. ngee!
  • The Planner : Bought at MPH :) - So that I aint forgetting things :)
  • Watson's Wet Tissue - Just in case things got messy and sticky. [Suddenly it sounds so wrong! :))]
  • Student I.D! :) - discounts!! :))
  • RayBan inspired! shade! - There's always sun! :)
  • Make Up Pouch! :) - Will explain on that later on! :)
  • Lastly - The bag itself, a LV-inspired bag :)
Didn't I tell u i'm a big fake queen?! :)
SOme of my 'friends'(?) told me that :

'kau tak malu ke pki brg2 tipu ni? tak malu! takde duwet buat care takde duwet laaaa!! :|'

They may think like that but hey i'm just a student, i didn't do part time jobs eventhough i have an online boutique of my own (customer blom lekat :| ). i can't afford to spend big bucks of my parents money on things i like (eventhough i did! :p but not that much on A thing kn?? ). i love it with my own money though! :) so for now, i just fake things. I just don't care! :)

In the pouch, i put my very2 basic make up regime! :)

So in the pouch :
  • Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder : cuz i'm a baby! hahaha! :)
  • Mentholatum LipGloss : I had this for years! :)
  • Lobello Classic LipBalm : I love this especially when i have a-VERY-dry-lips-day! the wax is very rich!
  • Nivea Star Fruits LipBalm : I love this because of the red tint. Tapayah bli lipstick. hahahaha! (kedek? :)) ) but i still prefer Rose from StarFruits! :)
  • The Skin Food Black Bean Eye Line Pencil : Murah dan best!
  • PINS! :) we never know what will happen! :)
So.that's it! That's what in my bag everyday! :)
Guys always ask why girls need such a big bag whereas girls would say what can you put in such a small bag??
i can't use small bag. my purse can't fit in one! bahahahahah! :)

Sis ami tagged her readers so do me!
Hey you readers, i wanna see what's in your bag too. so that i noe i'm not the only one who carry a bunch of things around :)

Before that, the main thing in the bag is :

my ever lovely phone. Though i love that much but i think i wanna change! hik2! nk duwet?! :))