May Look Good in Pictures but Not in Reality (There's always Photoshop!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
this life aint supposed to be stagnant. its always have it's own ups and downs. this evening i was on the top of my life. finally winning a sweepstake! :) can u call that sweepstake??

i won a pair of tickets to the Nuffnang Première of Beastly! :)
hak3! :) i was rolling on the floor when i got the news this eve ;p

anyhow that's not the main reason of this blogpost!

i used to be careless about politics and stuff going on in the world. you see when you have this awakening like i received you'll be blessed to be awaken! (pening? hahahaha!)

when i was in school i used to think that University life is very easy and no need homework and beaten up by the teacher. you call your teacher lecturers and have this massive lecture in massive halls and many other typical university life shown on tv. but hey i was naive and i even dream about being an MPP. how ridiculous is that you may say. ;p it is ridiculous ip until today. hahaha! anyhow that's what i picture u-life would be. i always think that i would enrol in a private u like my sis. hehe!

only one thing is true in my head. i get to go to classes with my jeans and tops! :) that's the only thing! in my faculty, there's no massive lecture and massive classes! believe me, my class consist of 14 person and that includes me. hehe! i'm thankful enough because i love all of them and i hope they all love me! (to that specific 13 people, if you dont love me, you'll die! bahahahaha!). my faculty used to be a school and we currently 'tumpang'ing intec sdn.bhd. ;p

so u see, not everything in life and tv that you dreamed about be a true to you. life is just a dream within a dream but live the dream and indulge in it without forgetting that one day you'll wake up from the dream :)