paaaaaaaart-----2! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so here's the part 2 of the story... this post is all about .......


on the morning of the 30th, me, fik and faey set off to induk in order to board a bus to pangkor. yes. pangkor.
it's not that we were going for fun. there's a course. it's called 'Destini Kenegaraan'. I prefer to called it mini-BTN :)
you will know why. Anyhow, we were listed in different bus so the 3 of us went separate ways. thnx to modern technology we still keep in touch.(mcm jauh sgt je terpisah! bahahahah!)

when i board my bus, i was looking for 2 vacant seat for myself but all taken! so i made my not-so-sweet face, i asked 'Kosong ke?' (efaa : teehee~~) and she said yes. She started conversation and she's friendly :) not long after the bus started to move we fell asleep.

the bus stop at Kuala Selangor, so me, faey and fik ate Ayamas meal. The staff maybe not used to a crowd hence the service quite bad. Forgiven i guess! Then after that, we were on our way to jeti Lumut! :)

During the trip, the driver played 2 movies. It's called 'Aku Masih Dara' and 'NGANGKUNG!' Want me to put up the review? Nntylaaaa ok?

So during both movies, me and efa talked a lot! sorta clicked with each other too. When we reach the island after 45minutes of ferry riding experience, we were asked to find our 'chalet-mate'. me and faey don't know where to go and we said well, dok kat depanlaaa ek? and we go. tgk2 jumpe efa and eton! together with nasik and _____ [sory, i forgot your name love :( ] then 2 more coming but the move on because they wanna stay with their friends so they swap their places with tino and watip! not very long the 8 of us clicked through! :) we were divided to groups later on. me faey and watip were on the same group but not the rest though. if i'm not mistaken efa, tino and eton were on the same group. :)

the days went by and before we know it, it's over! :(
sad to say, we have to leave pangkor. before we know it it's over but the friendship is not over! NEVER! :)

on the ferry, me and fikri decided not to sit on the sit provided. we decided to hangout on the deck instead. it was a hell of a photo session! :)
ntah sape2 je punye camera. jnji gmba masuk kn? 45minutes of fame! :))

gmba nnty update ok? i promise! for now lets indulge in words. i will edit this post later on.