PART3! :) -- Sepulangannya Dari Pulau Pangkor! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
fuh! siyes penat gle pas balik :)
sampai je kat shah alam.. we part ways :(
it was sad! then fik ckp : 'anep mintak tolong antar nk g mkn dlu'
anep pon ckp : 'kite g mkn kat kedai mak ayam laaa! kat pdg jawa!'
then off we go!

upon arriving, we were greeted by the owner :)
he's opening up a boutique in Plaza Masalam Seksyen 9 :)
when it opens i will update all of you :)

The food is AWESOME! :)
must try menu : LIMAU MADU! :)

while waiting Kamal, Ari and the others came too. :)
then we off from the shop :)
spent the nite at aisyah's! :)

the next day went to seremban and Fik's family sent me home :)

Then, stay at home. leisurely without ever thinking about my assignments! :))
my assignment was MY GF is A GUMIHO :)
tu pon ta abes ag.. grrrr! :(

on saturday, myiesha came with me sister and BIL :)
sunday da kne balik! :(

On sunday! The journey start at 1030 in the morning. Arrived at Seremban around 1pm :(
stay at Dunkin Donuts for like half an hour to 45minutes :)
And the journey to Shah Alam begins! :)

Arrived in Shah Alam around 5 :)
went around2 with diddy and fik for a while!
mkn lagi kat kedai mak ayam :)

then balik :)

Fuhh.. :D