ok.part1 :)

Friday, February 4, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so on the 30th, once again i dragged my lovely2 bf and friend (arep. thats u ;p) to another bazaar! :)

well, it's situated in plaza alam sentral! :) so near! i feel like it's a lost if i didn't go to the bazaar u now what i mean? :)
so, in a short manner i WENT to the bazaar and met aisyah and
fatimah amin!!

upon arriving i 'tawaf' (you know what tawaf means right?) the place for like 3 times i made up my mind. i'm gonna buy something from the booth. i dont care!!! >:)

so i did buy something!
it's a sailor inspired cropped jacket with a cutesy chocolate belt :)

me likey2! :)

and i have worn them! :)

actually, i have to do my assignments now but i'm cheating away by blogging. it's all for you readers eventhough currently i aint have one ;p :)

will write part 2 later on! :)