Stellar Vintage Bazaar (plus other super stellar Vintage Vendors + Maysaa)

Saturday, March 12, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
yeah! once again my friends and 1 went to a bazaar-like event and the friends are none other than these 2 :

hehehe! yep. that's arep and fik,my baby :)

so, in the rain we went to empire! i never see myself walking in the mall because it looks so extravaganza! ;)) well, we did go there :) alhamdulillah, we found Stellar :)
and guess who i met there?

Yes, it's the ever dearest Hana Tajima :) ouh wait, i have photo proof. hahha!

forgive my excited face but hey, you don't meet Hana on a daily basis especially for someone like me! :) uber kan? since super be superb then uber be uberb! :) ok random babbling :)

alright, when i enter Stellar i was in a awe moments where in my head, my brain send the signals to my brain (WTH? oh well. hahaha) to make me feel 'Ouh my..heaven on earth!! :D'

so after a few minutes, i saw a flight of stairs that lead to the upper floor. nobody really go up there when i arrived and i thought it was restricted but i go against my brain and more on my gut :)
i climb the stairs and to my surprise, there she was :)
i reeeally wanna take her picture with me in it but i dont know how to say. you see when i'm excited i will be crazy :) just look at the picture. this lady wants to take my picture and i said ok. after that, behind me was Hana! i get bold and ask for picture! she said yes! :)

i never thought Hana would be there as i miss the conference held by my seniors and she's there as a speaker. i really2 wanna go to the conference. Allah the Almighty, eventhough i can't be there at the conference but i was there at Stellar event. I really2 wanna meet Hana and i got the chance to meet her :) Alhamdulillah :D

ok.back to the event....
i was quite down as everybody is holding superb camera while i clutching on my old hp :) but the phone did me a great favour for almost 2years now :)

i end up buying a black maxi! for RM15? yes! :) luckily the seller is so superb. when i was kidding with her saying that 'can i haggle?' she said yes and gimme a price so i can't be more thankful. :)
thank you miss seller :)
i hope you still remember which one is me!

Since Stellar just uploaded the picture and i don't have the whole scene picture, this is how it looks there...

saje nk bg jeles! hahahha!
picture credit to Stellar :)
there's many more... klik here!

i kinda notice that my face is easily forgettable! :D *random lagi*

sooo, we went back.. bye Hana, i hope you still remember me :)

so, when we reach shah alam, arep said that he wants to play basketball. so....

i ditch the heels and change to flats instead. hehe. luckily i bring both!

turns out to be... i just go bare foot during the so-called-playing-time :)

see, what i'm wearing for the game. haha!
and i know i have a big belly and i'm fat! hahaha! i dont care!

here are some shots!

all in all, i really2 like to thank my bby and arep for the trip! :)
this is one of my favourite picture of the evening...

signing off :)