Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
you can count on me like 1,2,3
and i'll be there
and i know when i needed i can count on you like 4,3,2
and you'll be there

first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :D

am very sorry i ain't there to celebrate your birthday with you :)
another year passed by. hik3! getting older ;p
i ain't have anything to give you either. i'm sooo relieved since you told me dad gave you a couch :)
that doesnt mean i'm happy i don't have to give you anything :)
havent had any income yet. tggu tau mi? nnty au? ;p


so. for readers, as you know, today's my mom birthday.

her name is Mdm Siti Suria Kasim :D
married to Mr. Marhe Abd Wahab :D

both of them are the grandparents of Ailaa Myiesha bt Erwan Musyit :D
a very2 naughty girl who is so smart and only tired after the day ends. boleh kurus jage die tau tak????

their children are Marlissa who married Erwan Mursyit, Mohd Firdaush and me; Marheerah ;)

basically that's my family. this is what i have for now. anyhow this is post is about my mom! :D

actually i really2 miss home but maybe the way i was brought up in school didn't really allow me to show how i miss home. i'm not those blondies that cries out their eyes just because they are away for 10km from home. teehee~

my parents raised me well enough to allow myself to be on my own. alhamdulillah. at least bits of burden are lifted from them. at least they just have to be worried :D

so mom. upon your birthday (XD) i would like to wish you a very HAPPY birthday! :D
indulge in the new couch which i'm really2 wanna get my hands on as soon as i got back since i'm so damn uber busy here! :D
i don't know when i'm coming back. sorry for that. i'm coming back someday. i promised :D (mcm jauh sgt je duduk. hahaha! walhal kat sah alam ni je haaaaaaa! )
stop worrying about your work and smile for yourself and dad!

love you mom and daddy! :D
muahx! :D