cupcakes! :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i'm so sorry that it took forever for me to update me bloggy. it's not that i wanted to it's just that i have something else to do :(

why this post entitled cupcakes?
this is because the other day; Thursday , Hotel UiTM decided to come and have what i like to call showcase in my faculty. Actually, it's not at my faculty but they held it at the INTEC building. hehe!

they are selling tonnes of stuff there. I was walking by just to withdraw some money from the bank and my bf came to me and said

bby. look at mira. she's doing her own design on the cupcakes!
yes! we get to design our own cupcakes! :D

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ be prepare to see what you've just read :)

this is what we give to each other :) his and mine :D

this is what he gave me :) ouh erm. the blue lines and the yellow that fills it, it's love :))

this is what i gave him :) the pink lines are supposed to be heart shape but our love it's not like any other loves thus it have shapes of its own ;p
and the figure on the left hand side is a girl with overflown skirt and that explains why u can't see no legs and on the right hand side is a boy who is so happy to have a cupcake! :D

each cupcake cost RM0.50 including the dressing. :)
it's so addictive it made me think to buy and oven and bake at home! dang! :D

you see, eventhough you're not creative (like me and my bf) you can still act like one and make a quirky gift :)

btw, we finished (om nom nom nom) the cupcake in 2-3 bites :D
what! so fast?

excuse me. it's a tiny cupcake! :D i would have deemed more since it's so darn delicious! :D