Personal Preference (Entry ni Panjang. Bare with me People!)

Monday, March 21, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
minutes ago, i read this one blog saying that Yuna's style are getting weirder and weirder. after that i read this blog; particularly this post, and boy i agree with her!
forgive me for a very sharp intro but i just love to go straight to the point :)

erm. if you don't know anything or don't have a clue what am i saying click here

i think most of you know about this blog. before anything let me try to clarify :)

Yuna's style where you can see here:

taken from

ok. this style is better known as Turban. This style of head-dressing is coming back to this era :)
to me it's not weird at all. Maybe because i am a tumblee; like Yuna, and in Tumblr there are a lot of fashion blogger who always updating their fashion blog.

Turban style is making a comeback now. Unlike Macha's turban where you can see everyday on the streets, turban style that as being styled by Yuna (refer picture) is a fashion sense to me. This is an opinion from me. I thik it's nice to see Yuna with a new style. <-- get what i'm saying. :)

so coming to the story. everybody definition about weirdness or pelik as what we call in Malaysia or Freak in English is very2 subjective.
From the view of one of my friend, the vintage way of dressing is weird enough for him but not for the Scarflets (they are the ones who come close to my mind when i talk about vintage-ly dressing. i'm not saying they're weird. i love all of them. thank you ;p)
look at Maria Elena, even her blog spells to others, she may be weird but she's lovable! :D

so. for Abang Nara, to me yes you have a point on what to say but please, you have tonnes of readers (unlike Me) and you're damn famous. why don't give that brotherly advice personally to her. to others who commented harshly, do you have empathy in you? if you don't, go and see the counsellor. What do you feel if somebody do that to you? Do you even know what empathy is? Golly! Yea, you can say
'Ouh nk jadi artis kene kental!'
Mmg laa kene kental brader. tak jadi artis pon kne kental jugak :) i'm not mad of what mr.nara said but i'm sad. that's all.fullstop.

to me, Yuna is not to be blamed and nobody to blamed in this matter. She's trying new stuff. What's so wrong with that?? You may say that
'Tu haa! nmpk leher! tutup aurat apenye?'
teehee~ pandai jeeee komen! :D
abg2 dan cik akak sekalian, i don't know your arguments but to me, Yuna is tilting her head down, that is why there's a peek at the neck area. i do believe that if she let her head up straight then the neck area shown in the picture is covered by the shawl she's wearing around her neck.

Yuna, if you ever read this post (which make me fly to the 7th heaven [figurative language okeyh?]) don't worry darling, trying something new is not a matter of life and death. You are as strong as diamonds who shines from the rest:)

as a conclusion (macam academic writing lah pulak!), opinions and suggestions and critique is very personal! our views as well. i may say that i love Louis Vuitton but you may not. You can say you love McDonald but i love Pizza Hut and there are no right or wrong. it's personal preference.


Yuna just trying something. please don't demotivate others! please do motivate! :D it's better that way :) At least she's brave enough to try something new. do you?

watch this video :)

without weird people is like vanilla icecream without sprinkles, teehee! :)