Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Beastly [updated]

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
so yeah! been to the premiere last night. :)

first and foremost, to the ever dearest Fikri; my lovely3! bby, thank you so much for sending and fetching us to the Curve for the screening. Sorry susahkan you :(

on the same note, to the ever lovely Aisyah Nazamud-din, thanx for keeping me company and exploring the Curve! :)

for the day, my class finished at 4-ish. so we rushed back to our houses and get ready. we moved from shah alam around 530. awal? yeah? mengelak jammed laa katekan. thus smpi kat the curve around 6 and off we go. so this is what i do in the car..

i was trying on Hana T look with the help of sifarahmislina tutorial! but tak berapa jadi! haish! i just go on with it. with a few tweaking done by me. hek3!

so dgn tatau ape2 nye smpi laaa kan. we try our very best carik2 the venue but we end up asking from this one lady. she's very nice! :) dgn jakun3 nye kami pon mencari jalan dan smpi! :)
we discovered one cafe. Japanese theme. i totally forgot the name! :)

me and aisyah also found this one bookstore where they sell long forgotten books (ok. exaggeration. it's not forgotten but hey it's long2 ago kinda books) theys ell it for like RM5! yes.. RM5! :))
so Aisyah met her old time crush, Archie! hahaha! :)
and she's uber excited! Aisyah spend RM15 there which equivalent to 3 books while i was biting my lips and try not to buy anything! hahaha! :))

the clock strikes 8.30pm and me and aisyah go the cineplex and wait in line for our tickets. so this is out ticket with the badge! :)

for someone who always lost in contest or lucky draws or whatever competition, this is very special for me!!! :) may some of them say that,
'eleh, baru dpt g tgk wyg dah bragging!'

firstly, it's not just wyg, it's première! :) it's french! hahahah!
and i'm so not use in winning and when i win some i'm uberly excited ok?

we were like kids when we got in and we watched it! it is a good movie and it's not just a remake of beauty and the beast, for me it got essence that i cant quite captured when i watched the original beauty and the beast. maybe i was small. hahah!

after the movie we came back to the real world and shah alam. :)

so this is what i wear to watch zee movie! :)

am not gorgeous. i know ;p

so let's talk about the movie...

so kalaw nk tau ape2 pasal the movie klik cn :)


this is the couple; the main character of the movie. Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. They are different in many ways but hey remember, love is blind tau! :)

so, dipendekkan cerita, lelaki hensem bertukar mnjadi tak hensem! beastly you'alls! :)
but it his fault and maybe his father who instilled the mantra in him.
i dont really remember the mantra. u have to watch the movie yourself! :)

this one scene (picture below) is my favourite scene. it's kinda funny! :))

this scene below is when they have fallen in love (but not the girl!). you must watch the movie to understand what i mean :)

these 2 are my favourite characters! :)

Neil Patrick Harris being a blind teacher! i can't get it out my head! i keep on thinking he's Barney Stinson in the movie! hahahahaha! :))

the most favoured character in the movie! :)

she's awesome! :)