life :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
almost a month da ta update..

knp skarang kite mcm ad communication breakdown ek?
me try to understand and me try to hold on but i'm broke inside hunny.
y dont you see that?
y do i always have to keep things inside me?
y am i so damn sensitive?
are things repeating itself?
i dont wanna lose you!
am i dat bad?
am i not that understanding?
what are the things i can do to make us return back to the normal us?
please tell me dear....

i noe dat u dont read my blog and maybe you dont even remember i have one...
but if you read this dont get mad..
i dont know how to tell you..
i cant talk to you..
if not then i would cry..

1 thing u didnt noe..
everyday i would cry before i sleep..
sometimes when i'm all alone i cry myself to sleep..
you're killing me softly with the sweetest word..

i just have one wish right now..
i want you~~

i have one thing that i miss right now..
and it's you...

just so you know..
i love you..
i heart you..
i'm missing you..