bby :)

Monday, August 17, 2009 - written by the Queen, iera marhe
i just finish reading twilight the novel..
i noe it's a bit late but now i have a major crush on edward cullen..
not robert pattinson but edward cullen himself :)

i noe i have a boyfriend and i love him very much.
so i came up with a verse just for him..

he's not as handsome as him and yet he still makes me miss his face.
he's not as charming as him but he still makes me go crazzy.
he's not as strong as him but he still able to lift me up when i fall.
he's not a mind reader but he still able to feel that somethings wrong with me.
he's not as fast as him but he still can catch me up whenever i'm falling.

whatever it is he still can beat the one that stephanie mayer potray in her novel :P
and he's always my #1.
i love you hunny..
my sweetie pie :)
my sun, moon and star :)
my love, my heart my soul :)
the one who feeds me with endless love and support.
always make me feel blessed because i have him by my side.
to hell what people wanna think and i still love him like i always do :P

to muhammad fikri bin normi :)
i love you~